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When technology fails

Modern information and communication technologies open doors to a wealth of information. But many users find it difficult to set up these devices and frustrating when they break. According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, nearly half...

Housing affordability and financial stress

This report provides a statistical analysis of the factors that contribute to financial stress. The key research question analysed is whether high housing costs contribute to financial stress. The report uses data collected by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the 2003-04 Household Expenditure Survey...

Home broadband adoption 2007

As of early March 2007, 47 per cent of adults in the United States have high-speed internet connections at home, according to this report, up five percentage points from a year earlier.
Journal article

The Geography and Institutional Foundations of Innovative Industry

The rate of innovation from a region has become the litmus test for competitiveness in the globalized knowledge economy. Cross-industry occupational decomposition was used to determine industrial innovative capacity by four digit NAICS industry. The percentage employment in technology oriented occupations was calculated for each...

Networked families

Parents and spouses are using the internet and cell phones to create a 'new connectedness' that builds on remote connections and shared internet experiences. This national survey has found that households with a married couple and minor children are more likely than other household types...