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Policy report

Perspectives on the US economy after 8 months of Trump

Recommends a return to New Zealand’s long-cherished bipartisan trade policy that has been damaged in recent years’ debates over the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

A spatial econometric analysis of the irreversibility of long term unemployment in Australia

Bill Mitchell and Anthea Bill use spatial econometric techniques to test whether there is evidence to support the hypothesis that the long-term unemployed represent a constraint on growth. They find no such evidence, which calls into question the logic of the plethora of active labour...
Discussion paper

Drivers and shapers of economic development in Western Australia in the 21st century

The last half of the century has seen massive changes in the global economy which have, in turn, driven transformations in the Western Australian economy. Some industries, like whaling, have disappeared. Others, like the wool industry, are shadows of their former glory. The resources boom...
Journal article

Quality regulation: why and how?

Examines the quality of the New Zealand regulatory system with a focus on economic aspects of regulation and on the high-level design factors that ensure that our regulatory mechanisms are fit for purpose, and remain fit for purpose.

On the bounce: the challenge of the night time economy

The night-time economy is a phenomenon that has begun to interest many social science researchers as a striking manifestation of the increasingly intricate and dynamic relationship between material, social and cultural economies. Edited by David Rowe and Nathaniel Bavinton, this collection of conference papers includes...
Discussion paper

Future proofing South Australia: a discussion paper on how to build resilience into our economy

This paper provides a platform for discussions on future improvement and policy options for South Australia and provides the data to help contextualise the historic performance of the state's economy in a relative sense against interstate comparators.

Is peak globalisation upon us?: Globalisation is much more than trade in goods

We examine the phenomenon of globalisation as it affects New Zealand. We look at its impact on New Zealand and ask whether it is a force which has had its day (peak globalisation) or is it continuing to morph and evolve.

The impact of Airbnb on WA’s tourism industry

Many consider Airbnb as one of the most disruptive developments in tourism over the past decade. This BCEC feature report looks at the rapid growth of the sharing economy in recent years and how it has challenged traditional economies in many countries around the globe.

Advance Australia fair? Trends in small area socio-economic inequality, 2001 to 2006

Prosperity gains for Australian households between 2001 and 2006 in income and employment were largely offset by rapid increases in housing and other costs, according to this AMP.NATSEM Income and Wealth Report. Prosperity gains for Australian households between 2001 and 2006 in income and employment...
Journal article

Government interventions in pursuit of regional development: what have we learnt?

This article summarises a select review undertaken by the Bureau of Transport and Regional Economics (BTRE 2003) of previous government intervention approaches and experiences in pursuit of regional development.