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Disability Support Pensioners, 1984-2004

Between 1984 and 2004 there has been a significant rise in both the number and proportion of the population that is in receipt of the Disability Support Pension. In this research note, Malcolm Park examines the rises in relation to the age and sex of...

Same-sex couples by Commonwealth Electoral Division

On 27 May 2004 the Attorney-General introduced legislation to amend the Marriage Act 1961 to, inter alia, define 'marriage' as the union of a man and a woman and to prevent same-sex couples from adopting children from overseas. The proposed amendments and the ensuing debate...

Australian Democrats: the passing of an era

This paper traces the rise and fall of the Democrats, Australia's longest-surviving minor party, examining the sources of its support and the reasons for its decline. The Australian Democrats are the longest surviving and most successful minor party in federal politics. The party was created...

Australian urban and regional development: the policy challenge

This paper asks what can ameliorate or resolve complex urban and regional problems and inequality? Can urban and regional policy make a difference?

Public versus private? An overview of the debate on private health insurance and pressure on public hospitals

The 7.96 per cent average increase in private health insurance premiums for 2005 marks the third year in a row in which private health premiums have increased on average by more than 7 per cent. Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott's announcement of the increases was...

Boat ‘turnbacks’ in Australia: a quick guide to the statistics since 2001 - November 2017 update

This guide provides statistics on the number of boats that have been ‘turned back’ since the practice of removing unauthorised maritime arrivals in Suspected Illegal Entry Vessels (SIEVs) from Australian waters was introduced by the Howard Government in 2001.

The process of federal redistributions: a quick guide

This guide focuses on federal electoral boundary redistributions and the process involved.

Are small businesses the driving force behind private sector employment and total industry value added?

This statistical snapshot seeks to update the contribution of small businesses to the Australian economy.

The annual allowance for senators and members

Senators and members receive an annual allowance by way of basic salary - $111 150 from 1 July 2005. In this research note, Leanne Manthorpe explains the legislative basis of, and the fixing and linking mechanisms for, the allowance.

Characteristics and use of casual employees in Australia

There has been discussion about the growth of casual employment in Australia over the past few decades with suggestions it is an insecure, precarious and non-preferred form of employment. This analysis sheds further light on whether preferences of casual workers are being met.