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Industrial strategy: building a Britain fit for the future

This white paper sets out a long-term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of people throughout the United Kingdom.

The Value and Impact of Data Sharing and Curation A synthesis of three recent studies of UK research data centres

In the UK, substantial resources are being invested in the development and provision of services for the curation and long-term preservation of research data. It is a high priority area for a range of stakeholders, universities, researchers and research funders. There is strong interest in...
Journal article

The impact of classroom design on pupils' learning

This study assessed 153 classrooms in 27 schools in order to identify the impact of the physical classroom features on the academic progress of the 3766 pupils who occupied each of those specific spaces.

Clever classrooms: summary report of the HEAD project

This report demonstrates that well-designed primary schools boost children’s academic performance in reading, writing and maths. It includes practical advice for designers and teachers.

The impact of office design on business performance

Explores questions of how office design can create value for a business, not just through economy but also through improving the effectiveness of its people and broadcasting positive messages about its values.
Working paper

Social exclusion, regeneration and citizen participation

This Issues Paper discusses the relationship between citizen participation and social exclusion.

We change the world: What can we learn from global social movements for health?

This report presents actionable ways to grow social movements based on the practical experience of over forty people representing four social movements.

Transatlantic relations: converging or diverging?

Published in an environment of significant political uncertainty in both the US and Europe, this report focuses on the long-standing and fundamental drivers behind U.S and European policymaking, and sets out recommendations to address key structural factors that threaten the durability of the transatlantic relationship.
Discussion paper

Managing automation: Employment, inequality and ethics in the digital age

This discussion paper argues that public policy should seek to accelerate automation to reap the productivity benefits, while building new institutions to ensure the dividends of technological change are broadly shared.
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Marked by distinction

A new research approach has proved that good design adds cash value to property.