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Discussion paper

Scaling the fintech opportunity: for Sydney and Australia

Commissioned by The Committee for Sydney and authored by KPMG, this report examines achievements that have been made since 2014 and identifies areas that need to be addressed to enable Sydney (and Australia) to become a strong and prosperous fintech ecosystem.
Discussion paper

Review of Australia’s space industry capability - issues paper

The Australian government has announced a review of Australia’s space industry capability, to enable our nation to capitalise on the increasing opportunities within the global space industry sector.

Trade and assistance review 2015-16

This review report contains the Productivity Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry.
Discussion paper

Towards a digital strategy for the Northern Territory: discussion paper

Territorians are being encouraged to help shape the digital future of the Northern Territory by having their say on this government discussion paper.

Financial performance of government trading enterprises 2004-05 to 2005-06

This research paper assesses the financial performance of 85 federal, state and territory government trading enterprises. It forms part of the commission's research into the performance of Australian industries and the progress of microeconomic reform.
Journal article

Event satisfaction and behavioural intentions: examining the impact of the London 2012 Olympic Games on participation in sport

The research addressed this question by focussing on participation in swimming and the influence of watching the London 2012 Olympic Games; an event which sought to create a legacy of mass sport participation.

Australian government response to the Productivity Commission inquiry into intellectual property arrangements

This Australian government response document supports a number of the Productivity Commission’s recommendations and acknowledges the importance of further consultation with stakeholders on future copyright reforms.
Discussion paper

Queensland drones strategy - consultation paper

This strategy consultation paper has been developed as a way to start the discussion around how Queensland can take advantage of opportunities in the drones industry.
Draft report

National infrastructure data collection and dissemination plan: consultation draft

This draft data plan aims to improve and coordinate information and data collection across key transport and infrastructure stakeholders, and provide improved and more timely information for infrastructure investment decisions and monitoring of the performance of Australia's infrastructure networks.

Cultivating growth: the 2nd Asia Pacific alternative finance industry report

This study reveals that Australia's US$610 million alternative finance market, including peer-to-peer lending and crowd-funding, has grown 53% over the past twelve months, to become the second largest market in the region.