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Southeast Asian perspectives on US–China competition

In order to explore and elevate Southeast Asian perspectives on US–China competition, the Lowy Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations convened nearly two dozen Southeast Asian scholars and policymakers from around the region to discuss their perspectives.
Working paper

Skilled migration policy and the labour market performance of immigrants

This working paper reviews the effect of a specific migration policy change in Australia and examines whether migration policy can be used to influence immigrants’ labour market outcomes.

Asian military modernisation

This Lowy Institute Perspective examines the patterns in Asian military spending in recent years and demonstrates that the region's military modernisation does not equate with an arms race. In this Lowy Institute Perspective, Visiting Fellow Ric Smith examines the patterns in Asian military spending in...

An accident waiting to happen: Trump, Putin and the US–Russia relationship

US–Russia relations are more problematic and acrimonious than at any time since the end of the Cold War.

Crunched: Lessons from the 2007 TLA crisis

This paper looks at the current turmoil in international financial markets. While this is often named after the US subprime sector in which it originated, he suggests that an alternative description could be the TLA crisis, given the profusion of three letter acronyms such as...

Autopilot: East Asia policy under Trump

Despite President Donald Trump’s promise to adopt an America First foreign policy, US policies in East Asia — on issues from trade, to diplomatic engagement, to the North Korean nuclear crisis — now more closely resemble those of Trump’s predecessors than his campaign vision.

US–Vietnam relations under President Trump

Under President Obama, the bilateral relationship between the United States and Vietnam flourished. Despite some misgivings about the future direction of US policy in the region under President Trump, Hanoi is working hard to ensure that the relationship continues to expand.

The state, climate change and federalism

At the Wednesday Lunch at Lowy on 21 November, New South Wales Shadow Minister for Climate Change and the Environment Pru Goward explored the human frailties and rivalries and growth expectations that will make solving climate change so difficult.

The missing middle: a political economy of economic restructuring in Vietnam

Despite impressive economic performance, Vietnam’s strong trade and investment gains have yet to fully overcome the vestiges of its economic past.

An analysis of Papua New Guinea's political condition and trends through to 2025

This analysis attempts to address how key trends in Papua New Guinea's politics will impact upon both the bureaucracy and regulatory environment.