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Briefing paper

Fly-in, fly-out in the Western Australian resources sector

This paper describes the benefits of fly-in, fly-out operations to regional areas.

Global reach: Supporting the professional mobility of Australian engineers

Globalisation has led to increased integration of the world’s economies and technical developments have driven the growth of traded services. The ease with which people can now travel and communicate across international borders has made international transactions commonplace. Engineering services is just one of a...

Telecommunications infrastructure report card 2007: an assessment of Australia's fixed and mobile telecommunications infrastructure

This report raises awareness of the importance of telecommunications infrastructure to the community's social and economic well being and aims to generate debate on the appropriate level of telecommunications infrastructure required to meet Australia's needs.The 2007 Telecommunications Infrastructure Report Card was undertaken to raise awareness...

Indigenous contemporary music action plan: Towards a stronger Indigenous contemporary music sector

The national action plan is a framework which Australian, state and territory governments can use to assess their existing programs, consider new directions and identify new partners to support Indigenous contemporary music, at a pace and level which suits the budgets, situation and timelines of...

The dragon in the Pacific: more opportunity than threat

China runs an opaque aid program in the Pacific that has fuelled suspicions about its motives in the region and that undermines efforts to improve accountability, governance and stability. Despite concerns about China's aid program, China and Australia share broadly similar interests in the region...

Why war in Asia remains thinkable

In this paper Hugh White argues that we face questions about Asia's future peace today because the order they have built over the last 35 years is under pressure from its own success. To make war unthinkable in the new Asia, we need to build...

Housing stress and the mental health and wellbeing of families

Housing is one of the most basic needs for families, and yet for many Australians it is increasingly at risk. The costs associated with the provision of housing are among the largest ongoing expenses that families will incur over their lifetime. Between 1996 and 2006...
Journal article

Personal residential real estate investment in Australia: investor characteristics and investment parameters

This paper investigates a different aspect of housing supply, the private provision of rental housing through investment in existing properties.

Indigenous labour supply constraints in the West Kimberley

This paper examines a set of supply-side issues that undermine successful Indigenous participation in the West Kimberley resource boom.The West Kimberley is the latest region in Western Australia poised to reap huge benefits from a super-cycle of resource exploitation. Labour demand is at an all-time...

Assistance in the private sector

Rent assistance to tenants in the private rental market is provided through two programs: Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) and Commonwealth State Housing Agreement (CSHA) private rent assistance (PRA).