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Policy report

Reforming democracy: deciding, designing and delivering together

This policy document commits the South Australian government to explore and trial ways that build on the start already made in democratic reform. A key initiative will be four 'deliberative democracy projects' where non-government organisations or business will work with the government and the community...
Journal article

Airflow and temperature modelling of sustainable buildings at the design stage can prevent unintended consequences of passive features

This paper demonstrates that the integration of passive features during the design/construction of sustainable buildings requires thorough modelling at the design stage as some features may have unintended consequences resulting in occupant dissatisfaction, and resulting in the building using more energy to maintain comfort.

SA's Regional Development Australia boards

South Australian Liberal Steven Marshall MP has announced a policy of state funding for Regional Development Australia boards if elected in March 2018.

The life they deserve - Child Protection Systems Royal Commission: final report

The Child Protection Systems Royal Commission was established in August 2014 to investigate the adequacy of the child protection system in South Australia.

The integrated transport and land use plan

This document outlines plans for the transport network in inner Adelaide, middle Adelaide, outer Adelaide (which together constitute Greater Adelaide) and regional and remote South Australia.
Journal article

Round my place: young people and private rental in South Australia

Focussing on young people and the private rental housing market, this research documents the critical role of significant adults in young people’s transition to independent housing.
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An analysis of the private rental investment market: some preliminary findings

This paper introduces a project that is intended to provide information on the supply side of this sub-market through an analysis of investors and of returns in the private rental housing market in South Australia.

Hotspots of potentially preventable hospitalisations in South Australia’s public hospitals

This bitesize report looks briefly into public hospital admissions in South Australia that are potentially preventable, how they vary according to where South Australians live, and what that might say about regional inequalities. The report analyses routinely collected public hospital data.

Railway crossing safety strategy

This strategy document outlines a more integrated approach to managing South Australia's road and rail network and improving safety at railway crossings.

Careers at the coal-face? Community services in South Australia: workforce development

This project was designed to profile the community services workforce in South Australia and to provide a detailed analysis of critical issues currently affecting the workforce in non-government community services agencies. Findings from the literature and the key informant consultations were consistent in highlighting that...