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Shaping SEQ: south east Queensland regional plan 2017

Shaping SEQ responds to a need for coordinated regional planning to manage growth sustainably, and ensure prosperity and liveability. It is the Queensland Government’s plan to guide the future of the South East Queensland region, prepared in collaboration with the region’s 12 local governments.

London environment strategy: draft for public consultation

The Mayor wants London to be the world’s greenest global city. This draft London Environment Strategy sets out bold policies and proposals in six policy areas and the transition to a low carbon circular economy to make this vision a reality.
Policy report

Stepping stones to Paris and beyond: climate change, progress, and predictability

This report examines how successive Governments can best deal with the ultimate intergenerational issue: climatechange.

Zero carbon industry plan: rethinking cement

This report describes a pathway for tackling cement emissions, involving five strategies. It describes the role of governments and industry in supporting a rapid shift to a zero carbon cement industry.

Zero carbon communities guide

This Zero Carbon Communities guide is for community groups and councils who want to see rapid local progress towards zero emission targets.

Pace of renewable energy shift leaves city planners struggling to keep up

Effective guidance on the retrofitting and redesign of built environment energy systems must occur across scales, from rooftops to wider electricity grids. So what is the role of planning? What challenges and actions must planners consider for the renewable energy transition to be effective?

Smart home control: exploring the potential for off-the-shelf enabling technologies in energy vulnerable and other households

This trial of smart home control in 46 households shows limits to use for managing home energy bills and electricity demand.

Healthy offices: why wellness is the new green

What are offices doing to our health? Are they providing a healthy environment in which to be spending such a large chunk of our lives? Are they conducive to human sustainability? This book aims to be a guide to better, healthier offices.

Guide to urban cooling strategies

This document provides practical guidance for built environment professionals and regulatory agencies seeking to optimise development projects to moderate urban microclimates and mitigate urban heat island effects in major urban centres across a range of climates in Australia
Journal article

Charting the emergence of a ‘knowing system’ for climate change adaptation in Australian regional natural resource management

This research describes a research-practice collaboration to support climate change planning. It highlights the potential benefits of investing in the capacity of researchers and natural resource management practitioners to engage in collaborative research partnerships.