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Charity still ends at home: the continuing decline of Australia’s official development assistance

This reports suggest that Australia’s aid spending, already at record lows, could be cut further, making our aid contribution proportionately lower than that of Greece.

A handbook on how to build local economies and stop relying on trickle down economics

This handbook provides tools for supporting economic development of a whole local economy, rather than any single enterprise. It includes case studies from different cultures, which identify critical success factors and presents tools for understanding how the local economy works.
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The Pacific Islands: new priorities for a new development era

The Pacific Island Countries (PICs) face the most daunting development challenge in the world: they are extraordinarily isolated, very small, and saddled with fragmented markets, inadequate infrastructure, fragile ecosystems, and exceptionally high vulnerability to climate change.
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The nature of public policy processes in the Pacific Islands

This article argues that public policy processes in Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Samoa have insufficiently addressed the context, problems and needs of societies to which policies have been directed.

OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: New Zealand 2015

The objectives of DAC peer reviews are to improve the quality and effectiveness of development co-operation policies and systems, and to promote good development partnerships for better impact on poverty reduction and sustainable development in developing countries.

New Zealand's cooperation in the Pacific: report of the Forum Peer Review 2015

New Zealand is a committed and effective development partner that actively seeks to apply the principles of aid effectiveness in a pragmatic way considering the varying capabilities in different countries and contexts and the challenges of implementing projects of various kinds.. The report provides a...
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Strengthening public financial management reform in Pacific Island countries

Five years on from the adoption of ‘A Public Financial Management Roadmap for Forum Island Countries’, a roadmap for Public Financial Management (PFM) reform in Forum Island Countries, this report examines experiences of PFM reform in two Pacific island countries in order to inform future...

Hybridity on the ground in peacebuilding and development

The authors in this interdisciplinary collection draw on their in‑depth knowledge of peacebuilding and development contexts in different parts of Asia, the Pacific and Africa to examine the messy and dynamic realities of hybridity ‘on the ground’.
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Tourism and economic growth: a panel data analysis for Pacific Island countries

The contribution of tourism to the economic growth of Pacific Island countries (PICs) has achieved significance in the past decade. The shift in the economic policies of the PICs from the late 1980s has been decisively away from import substitution and agriculture to urban-based manufacturing...
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Connections: the contribution of different forms of social capital to regional development

This article explores perceptions of social capital and sustainability of farming and its contribution to regional development.