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Pacific Islanders under German rule (reprint)

This is a reprint of a 1978 study of how Pacific Islanders responded politically and economically to their rulers across the German empire of the Pacific.
Working paper

A 'most pressing problem': housing and the National Capital Development Commission

This paper examines the complex web of issues surrounding Canberra’s housing in the late 1950s.
Working paper

Housing and infrastructure for Indigenous Australians

This paper concentrates housing and infrastructure for Indigenous Australians during the period since the 1960s and on the northern parts of Australia.
Working paper

Backrooms, wards and backlanes: the landscape of disability in nineteenth-century Melbourne

This paper has two specific objectives (i) to ‘locate'disabled people in nineteenth-century Melbourne by showing where and how they lived; and (ii) to illustrate the socio-spatial relations that shaped their lives.
Working paper

The (im)possibility of sustainable lifestyles: can we trust public opinion and plan for reduced consumption?

This paper suggests that political infeasibility to change lifestyle and reduce consumption may not be due to failing public response as much as to structural factors in society.
Working paper

To market, to market!: the changing role of the Australian timber merchant, 1945-1965

Australian timber merchants have long played a vital role in providing building materials, credit, and product information to builders.

Planning strategy - metropolitan Adelaide (1998)

The Planning Strategy presented State Government policy for development from 1998 to the early 2000s.
Working paper

A history of Australian capital city centres since 1945

Which historical changes are imprinted in the contemporary Australian city centre? This working paper places the development of Australia's capital city centres in historical context and describes major historical themes of city centres since World War II.
Working paper

Globalisation and cities: an Australian political-economic perspective

This paper discusses the forces generating social-spatial change in Australian metropolitan areas.
Working paper

Do public choice and public transport mix? An Australian-Canadian comparison

This paper explores the causes of, and evaluates possible remedies for, the decline of public transport in Melbourne.