Regulatory reform


Regulatory reform concerns improvements to the quality of government regulation. [Wikipedia]


Digital platform services inquiry: interim report no. 5 – regulatory reform

This report considers competition and consumer issues identified in the course of the Digital Platform Services Inquiry, the ACCC’s Digital Advertising Services Inquiry and the original Digital Platforms Inquiry. The report recommends a range of new measures to address harms from digital platforms to Australian...

What’s climate got to do with electoral reform? More than you might think

Effective political finance regulation has multiple dividends - it promotes political equality, curbs corruption and enables climate action, writes Joo-Cheong Tham.

Response to the South Australian Productivity Commission Inquiry into reform of South Australia’s regulatory framework

This response to the South Australian Productivity Commission's inquiry into modern regulation is focused on those areas recommended as in need of greatest improvement, notably the regulatory policy development process, and post implementation reviews, as well as doing business through digital initiatives, and in supporting...

Inquiry into reform of South Australia’s regulatory framework: final report

This report makes recommendations to modernise South Australia’s regulatory framework to better support investment, employment and productivity growth as well as to ensure regulation making and regulator behaviour is more efficient, effective and future oriented.
Briefing paper

Remaking audit: a plan for culture change and regulatory reform

This paper places a particular emphasis on culture change in the audit industry – an area that is under-studied and has not been sufficiently covered in the UK government’s reviews.

Improving regulation

This research paper examines how regulation can affect the economy and presents a framework to guide regulatory reform and improve regulatory outcomes.

Deregulatory deceptions: reviewing the Trump Administration’s claims about regulatory reform

Given deregulation’s central place in a widely shared perception about US domestic policy change over the last four years, it is important to know what has actually happened on the regulatory front during the Trump Administration.

National transport regulatory reform

The Australian Government asked the Productivity Commission to assess the economic impact of reforms to transport regulation agreed to by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in 2008-09. Those reforms relate to heavy vehicle safety and productivity, rail safety and maritime safety. This report outlines...

A unique and substantial achievement: ten years of national health practitioner regulation in Australia

This report outlines the history and regulatory achievement of nationalising Australia's health workforce, from 85 separate health practitioner boards and more than 65 different pieces of legislation to a single national registration scheme for health professionals, as well as a single national accreditation system for...

Regulator watch: the enforcement performance of Australia’s consumer protection regulators (2nd Edition)

Following the first edition of Regulator Watch in 2013, this edition compares the enforcement activities of key regulators, to assess how their performance has improved and renews calls for greater enforcement activity and more consistent, accessible and transparent reporting.
Draft report

National transport regulatory reform: draft report

Reform in the transport sector has been disappointingly slow and has not delivered the expected productivity gains, according to this Productivity Commission draft report. The report suggests that moving to national regulation should be seen as one practical step towards improving safety and productivity.
Discussion paper

National transport regulatory reform: issues paper

The Productivity Commission has been asked to complete this inquiry by April 2020, and to consult with stakeholders, including transport operators, drivers, industry groups, end users and State, Territory and local governments. This issues paper outlines a range of issues and questions on which the...
Briefing paper

Government that works for the bush: a regional regulatory reform agenda

Decades of reform to service delivery across Australia has introduced a diversity of publicly and privately provided services, aimed at improving both access and quality. But the gaps between regions and metropolitan areas on many measures of service provision and socio-economic outcomes are persisting. The...
Discussion paper

Northern Territory water regulatory reform: directions paper

This paper outlines proposed reforms to the water resource regulatory framework and shows how different elements might fit together to provide a comprehensive and contemporary management framework.
Briefing paper

Overview of key regulatory reforms in superannuation: background paper 23

This paper provides a summary of major financial system reforms over the past twenty-five years, focussing primarily on regulatory reforms affecting superannuation funds.

Urban water regulation reform

Infrastructure Australia commissioned this report on the optimal settings required for economic, environmental and health regulation in the Australian urban water sector, and the opportunities for regulatory improvement.
Policy report

AIBS policy - building regulatory reform in Australia

The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) has released a new policy, outlining the key components required to modernise and harmonise Australia’s building regulations.

How do drug prices respond to a change from external to internal reference pricing? Evidence from a Danish regulatory reform

Studies the effects of a switch from external reference pricing to internal reference pricing that was implemented in Denmark in April 2005. Abstract We study the effects of a change in the way patient reimbursements are calculated on the prices of pharmaceuticals using quasi-experimental data...

Improving Australia’s regulatory system

This paper highlights opportunities to improve the administration of the law, noting that while key regulators must be independent, they must also operate in an environment with incentives to better understand business and minimise regulatory burdens, including those arising from delays and uncertainty. Executive Summary...

Identifying and evaluating regulation reforms

The regulatory system should ensure that new regulation and the existing 'stock' are appropriate, effective and efficient. This requires the robust vetting of proposed regulation; 'fine tuning' of existing regulations and selecting key areas for reform. There is a range of approaches to reviewing existing...
Discussion paper

Regulatory reform for 21st century broadband: discussion paper

This discussion paper outlines various reform options that the federal government is considering to reform the telecommunications regulatory framework.The federal government has announced it is seeking views on options for reforming the existing telecommunications regime to make it work more effectively, particularly during the transition...

National broadband network: regulatory reform for 21st century broadband

This discussion paper outlines various reform options that the federal government is considering to reform the telecommunications regulatory framework. The government has announced it is seeking views on options for reforming the existing telecommunications regime to make it work more effectively, particularly during the transition...

Minding the gap: appraising the promise and performance of regulatory reform in Australia

‘Mind the Gap!’ is an almost iconic exhortation, originating in the London Underground, warning travellers to be careful when navigating the ‘gap’ between the platform and train. This volume retrospectively assesses the ‘gap’ – no less dynamic and perilous in a public policy context –...