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Improving the learning of design management operations by exploiting production's feedback: design science approach

The results of this study indicate that while the relevancy of continuous learning is well recognised, construction organisations are incapable of effectively exploiting the best practices of knowledge management.
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Knowledge management and its application in developing lean culture

Construction projects generate a lot of learning during their lifecycle, but it is common to see this learning go underutilized in subsequent projects. If an organization learns to control the 'waste of knowledge' during the project lifecycle and utilize this knowledge in subsequent projects, it...
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Knowledge management and information flow through social networks analysis in Chilean architecture firms

In the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, information flow and knowledge management influence how companies organize, work and produce, which can be represented in a social network analysis (SNA). Information flows are a critical activity for the work done in architecture firms. The objective...
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Does information really want to be free? Indigenous knowledge systems and the question of openness

The “information wants to be free” meme was born some 20 years ago from the free and open source software development community. This article injects both the histories of collecting and the politics of information circulation in relation to Indigenous knowledge into this debate by...
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2019 Revision of the AIATSIS guidelines for ethical research in Australian Indigenous studies: consultation draft

The Code for Ethical Conduct in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research consultation draft was launched on 1 July 2019. The code is the result of a comprehensive review of GERAIS to mark its 20th anniversary. This consultation draft has been released for public feedback...
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Traditional or contemporary weather and climate forecasts: reaching Pacific communities

In most countries, weather and seasonal climate forecasts are available through national meteorological services (NMSs). Where NMS forecasts in remote Pacific communities can be limited, traditional knowledge forecasting methods remain invaluable.

Australian healthcare governance and the cultural safety and security of Australia’s First Peoples: an annual critique

The question that stimulated this critique was: how are healthcare stewards meant to restructure their corporate governance so that their healthcare services are more culturally safe and secure for Australia’s First Peoples?
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Whither standpoint theory in a post-truth world?

This paper begins with a brief overview of the origins and continued use of standpoint theory in the social sciences. It highlights both historical and contemporary challenges to the utility of standpoint theory as a critical scholarly tool, including developments such as intersectionality and transgenderism...

Making philosophical sense of Indigenous Pacific research

As knowledge systems of indigenous peoples receive greater global, regional, national and local attention, so too does the call for recognition of these systems. Chapter in Baba, T., Mahina, O., Williams, N. & Nabobo-Baba, U. (eds), Researching the Pacific and Indigenous Peoples , ( Auckland...
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Absorptive capacity in New Zealand firms: measurement and importance

This research found that firms with a high ability to learn tend to undertake research and development and be New Zealand-based multinationals. They also tend to be larger firms that employ high numbers of professionals, managers and technicians.