Public libraries
Journal article

No holds barred: policing and security in the public library

In this article, the author asserts that if libraries are to be safe places for patrons of all backgrounds, library workers in general must incorporate insights from other disciplines into their practice and begin to meaningfully address the complicated roles of police and security guards...

Wikipedia and open access panel

Much knowledge has always been locked away, throughout history. It’s inaccessible — or expensive to access — for all but a privileged few. Two Internet-era social movements have sought to change that: Wikipedia, which invites any and all to participate in constructing a comprehensive encyclopedia...

Council libraries

This audit assessed whether councils achieve value for money from their library services, including how well selected library services plan, monitor and review their services to find service efficiencies and meet community needs. It also examined whether funding and investments into statewide library initiatives are...
Discussion paper

Discussion paper on the draft stretch targets for Australian libraries 2020-2030

In September 2019, library leaders and other guests gathered at ALIA House in Canberra to debate stretch targets for the sector as part of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This discussion paper outlines a draft set of stretch targets as the foundation for...
Case study

Public libraries respond to the opioid crisis with their communities: case studies

This report includes eight research-based case studies highlighting varying opioid response efforts across eight locations in the US.

Public libraries respond to the opioid crisis with their communities: summary report

As the impact of the opioid epidemic is felt in communities across America, public libraries are choosing to be part of the community response. OCLC is sharing knowledge and resources that will help public libraries and their community partners develop effective strategies to address the...

10 year museums master plan: Darwin and Palmerston

This plan for Darwin and Palmerston provides a strategic framework for building a sustainable network of connected cultural places for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

IFLA toolkit for developing national literacy and reading strategies

This toolkit provides guidance and flexible materials for library associations, their members and the wider Library and Information Science (LIS) community when engaging with relevant public authorities, in order to ensure both that literacy receives the attention it needs, and libraries the recognition and support...

IFLA strategy 2019-2024

The IFLA Strategy 2019-24 is a document for the library field, by the library field. It is designed to be a reference point, not only for IFLA’s own Professional Units, headquarters and regional and languages offices, but also for our membership and the library field...
Journal article

Sliding across the database divide with proactive chat help

This article describes how librarians at the University of New Mexico collaborated with vendors to embed proactive chat in databases, detailing the process, technical glitches and use trends.