Climate change mitigation


Climate of the nation 2020

In the wake of the devastating Black Summer bushfires, an overwhelming majority of Australians (82%) say they are concerned about climate change resulting in more bushfires, according to this report released by the Australia Institute’s Climate & Energy Program.

2020 State of climate services

Between 1970 and 2019, 79% of disasters worldwide involved weather, water, and climate-related hazards. This report identifies where and how governments can invest in effective early warning systems (EWS) to strengthen countries’ resilience to multiple weather, water and climate-related hazards. Being prepared and able to...

Dishing the dirt: Australia’s move to store carbon in soil is a problem for tackling climate change

The Morrison Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap identifies soil carbon as a potential way to reduce emissions from agriculture and to offset other emissions. However, the government’s plan contains misconceptions about the general effectiveness of soil carbon as an emissions reduction strategy.

Adapting to a changing climate

The project aimed to share information about the impacts of climate change across several generations of residents, developing a toolkit for use by households to identify risks to their own households and to plan actions that will mitigate those risks.

Victorian Climate Change Grants 2015: final report

The aim of the project was to minimise the vulnerability of recreation facilities to the impacts of climate change, particularly in regard to reliance on mains water supplies in the face of increasing uncertainty around water security.

Phasing out plastics

Building on recent literature about plastics and climate change, this report explores the potential for extensive emission reductions in the plastics sector.

Renewables beat fossil fuels

This mid-year analysis reports the aggregate data from every EU country, to present the latest insights on Europe’s electricity transition. Findings demonstrate renewables (solar, wind, hydro and biomass) didn’t just beat out coal on the European grid — they beat out all fossil fuels put...

Net zero momentum tracker: superannuation sector - September 2020

This report highlights the actions of 20 Australian superannuation organisations, and the commitments they have made to address emissions funded through their investments.

Regional Horizons: farming communities leading the recovery

This report combines targeted, transitional and transformational reforms to create new opportunities to ensure a sustainable, climate-smart rural and regional Australia.
Working paper

Migration and skills for the low‑carbon transition

This paper aims to set out some of the key challenges around the labour and skills needs of the low-carbon transition, and explores opportunities where migrant workers can help meet gaps and support societies in their low-carbon transition. It aims to stimulate further debate by...