Energy consumption

Alternate Term Label:
Domestic energy use
Conference paper

How significant an influence is urban form on city energy consumption for housing and transport?

As cities seek to make their energy, water, biological and materials sub-systems more sustainable, the degree to which the intensification of urban development is supportive of these aims will become clearer.

Eastern sporting savers

The program aimed to help sports clubs identify and implement energy saving actions so they can reduce their energy bills and invest the money saved on other aspects of the game, such as maintaining low fees and keeping sports accessible for the local community.

Sustainable building initiative

This project involved the completion of building audits of three Council owned and managed buildings to review their performance, and energy use and to identify a range of actions that could be undertaken to reduce Council expenditure on energy (electricity and gas).

Baw Baw Shire community responding to climate change

Baw Baw Shire Council and Baw Baw Sustainability Network ran a series of training sessions to raise climate change mitigation and adaptation actions in the local community, businesses and amongst Council staff. The findings from these sessions are discussed in this report.

Victorian energy market update: June 2020

The Essential Services Commission regularly collects data on the Victorian energy market. This report considers ordinary data from January to March 2020, and also includes more recent data collected on the impact of the coronavirus on energy consumers.

Customer impact reporting for Victorian energy market report

The Essential Services Commission researched customer experiences following regulatory reforms to the energy market.

Energy assistance report: tracking how Victoria's changing energy policies are impacting households in the state

This report provides insights on the impact of regulation and policy reform implemented by the Victorian government in relation to energy issues reported by callers to Consumer Action’s National Debt Helpline.

Victorian energy market report 2018–19

The Victorian energy market report looks into the performance of the market when it comes to the retail energy prices customers are paying, the level of service from energy businesses, and the experience of customers facing or anticipating payment difficulty.

Consumer protection frameworks for new energy products and services and the traditional sale of energy in Australia

The purpose of this report is to step back from the specific detail of current arrangements and focus on foundational questions around the rationales for consumer protection frameworks in the energy sector.

Race to the top: the case for a new U.S. international energy policy

This report recommends a new U.S. international energy policy, based on reinvesting in domestic energy competitiveness.