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Future proof: connecting post-pandemic Canada

Digital information has emerged as the prime mover of economies and societies. With the right set of policies and programs, this paper argues that Canada can have the digital connectivity infrastructure it needs to fully support an inclusive society and competitive economy far into the...

Australian Internet Usage Survey: method

The Australian Internet Usage Survey (AIUS) uses a sequential mixed-mode design. An online selfcompletion survey is offered first, with a hard copy option initiated during a second phase of data collection. The AIUS uses an address-based sampling (A-BS) approach, with mail as the primary mode...

Australian digital inclusion index: community consultation feedback and outcome

In 2020 the Australian Digital Inclusion project team sought feedback on a reimagined Australian Digital Inclusion Index. Submissions closed 13 March 2020.This document summarises the feedback received, and details how that feedback has informed the ADII 2.0.
Discussion paper

The Australian digital inclusion index: consultation paper

This discussion paper has been released to seek feedback on five primary aspects of the revised ADII 2.0 index and index data provision strategy that the ADII Research Team are investigating.

Affordability report 2020

The 2020 Affordability Report calls for governments to develop effective national broadband plans to make internet access more affordable and enable more people to connect.

The Internet shutdowns

Government-imposed internet shutdowns are on the rise globally, with devastating impacts on affected communities. This document highlights some of the countries that are regularly implementing internet blackouts.

Digital access brief

This short report explores New Zealand student's access to digital devices such as laptops and smartphones, access to the internet, and access to devices in private.

The state of the online nation

This study explores online safety in New Zealand. Participants represented the New Zealand population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion and region.

Digital nation Australia 2021

The digital divide is a significant issue in modern Australia, particularly with the rapid pace of digitisation brought forward by the COVID-19 pandemic. This report brings together the latest research and insights from government, community and academia to help build understanding of the digital inclusion...

Growing up with porn: insights from young New Zealanders

The research provides an in-depth understanding of young people’s experiences with porn and the impact this may have on relationships.