Internet access

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Internet adoption
Internet speed
Internet use
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Fact Check: Has Australia's internet speed dropped from 30th to 60th in the world under the Coalition?

Opposition communications spokesman Jason Clare claims Australia's global rank for internet speeds has fallen significantly under the Coalition.

What’s in a name? A forward view of anonymity online

Drawing on legal, philosophical and historical evidence and interviews, this paper clearly articulates how online anonymity should be understood. It presents a model through which future settlements on online anonymity can be tested, presented in a way that is useful to both technologists and policymakers.
Fact sheet

Digital inclusion and COVID-19: CSI response

Australia’s response to containing COVID-19 needs us to be more digitally connected than ever. This fact sheet focuses on the need for access, affordability and improved ability.

Parenting and pornography: findings from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Recognising the important role parents play in protecting their children from risks online such as exposure to pornography. This research report summarises results from the first cross-jurisdiction quantitative study focussing on parents in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Global Threat Assessment 2019: working together to end the sexual exploitation of children online

The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the nature, scale and complexity of online child sexual exploitation (OCSE) in order to support a broad mobilisation – compelling nation states, the global technology industry and the third sector to find new ways of working together...

A matter of security, privacy and trust

The principal objective of this study is to identify the principles and values of encryption in New Zealand with a view to informing future developments of encryption-related laws and policies. The overarching question is: What are the fundamental principles and values that apply to encryption?

New Zealand children’s experiences of online risks and their perceptions of harm

This research report presents findings from a quantitative study regarding different aspects related to risks and online safety. It looks at the online experiences that children find bothersome and upsetting and explores the hurtful behaviours they encounter or engage in, both online and in person.

Cybercrime prevention principles for internet service providers

The working group that contributed to the development of the principles outlined in this report agreed that all internet service providers (ISPs) should explore and ideally commit to implementing the recommendations on their own networks, due to the significant impact this could have on the...

Australians who view live streaming of child sexual abuse: an analysis of financial transactions

This preliminary study provides some insight into the nature and extent of child sexual abuse (CSA) live streaming behaviour among a cohort of Australians procuring such services from known facilitators in the Philippines. While there are important caveats to the findings, they provide useful insights...

Out of the maze: Building digitally inclusive communities

The purpose of this research was to uncover lived experience of the biggest obstacles for people to be digitally included and what will be most effective at reducing digital exclusion.