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Global Financial Crisis (2008-2009)

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Fact Check: Does being unemployed for a year nearly halve your chances of ever working again?

CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS), Cassandra Goldie, claimed that people unemployed for more than a year are roughly half as likely to ever find another job, and that this was the experience after the 2008-09 global financial crisis. Dr Goldie’s claim...
Journal article

Convergent insights for sustainable development and ethical cohesion: an empirical study on corporate governance in Romanian public entities

This study aims to analyse the relevance of and the interdependencies between financial governance assessment indicators and income efficiency with synergetic effects on sustainable development and social cohesion, offering a distinct contemplation on errors in governance and financial reporting.
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Fact Check: Is economic growth the lowest it's been since the global financial crisis?

Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers says the Government has no idea how to turn around Australia's "floundering" economy, and claims economic growth is at a 10-year low.
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Fact Check: Is government spending today higher than it was in the GFC?

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese claims spending is higher as a proportion of GDP in 2016 than it was during the global financial crisis.
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Fact Check: Did the mining boom play no role in staving off a recession during the global financial crisis?

Australia was among a small handful of the world's advanced economies to avoid recession during the global financial crisis. Wayne Swan, the treasurer during the crisis, claims the mining boom played no role staving off recession.
Journal article

New Zealand Reserve Bank reform: phase 1

Significant reforms were introduced to the Reserve Bank Act in late 2018 as part of a two-stage review, notably an expanded mandate and a committee decision-making structure. This article reviews the changes in the light of global and domestic challenges to central banking emerging since...

Monitoring the impact of the economic crisis on crime

With most nations around the world suffering from the global financial crisis, this report by the UN looks at the GFC's effect on crime levels around the world. Within the context of the United Nations Global Pulse initiative on monitoring the impact of crisis on...

Forecasting in the eye of the storm - Address to the NSW Economic Society

This address discusses the problems with macroeconomic forecasts, using the recent global financial crises as an example. I have a long-standing interest in this topic, having been involved in macroeconomic forecasting for quite some time. But the topic is of particular interest at the moment...
Discussion paper

The property ladder after the financial crisis: the first step is a stretch but those who make it are doing ok

This paper investigates how things have changed since the global financial crisis for those stepping onto the property ladder in Australia.
Briefing paper

GFC+10: a survey of public attitudes to the federal government’s handling of the global financial crisis, ten years on

Polling conducted by The Australia Institute asked Australians about the federal government’s handling of the global financial crisis (GFC).