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Universal child benefits: policy issues and options

Despite clear evidence of the effectiveness of well-designed social protection in tackling child poverty, children are one of the population groups at highest risk of exclusion from social protection. This report and briefing note, prepared in partnership with UNICEF, examines the role of universal child...
Policy report

Children of the pandemic

While the UK Government has taken strong actions to support firms and some workers, this paper argues that further measures are needed to support children and their families.

Towards better social sector decision making and practice: a social wellbeing approach

This case study outlines the story of a unique partnership between Auckland Council’s The Southern Initiative (TSI) and the Social Wellbeing Agency. Together they developed a novel approach for combining science and data with lived experiences, to support better social sector decision making and practice.

Children’s rights report 2019

This report tells the story of how well children’s rights are protected and promoted across Australia. It covers all the basic rights that children need to do well, like having a home and a family, getting a good education, being able to access quality health...

Australia’s children: in brief

This report brings together a range of data on children’s wellbeing and their experiences at home, school and in the community.
Conference paper

A childhood without poverty

This paper attempts to highlight the existence, extent and impact of child poverty and the right of children to wellbeing. It seeks to place child poverty within a broader context, other than an economic one.

Exploring New Zealand children's internet access, skills and opportunities

This research report presents findings from a study that explores New Zealand children’s internet access, online skills, practices, and opportunities.

The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children: annual statistical report 2013

This report, produced by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), aims to provide valuable insights into family functioning and child development for researchers, policy makers, those who provide services, and members of the community at large.
Journal article

Children's everyday freedoms: local government policies on children and sustainable mobility in two Australian states

While the significant contribution of transport in greenhouse gas emissions is well researched, the pivotal role that children's transport plays in these trends is not fully understood.

Child and youth wellbeing strategy 2019

This strategy sets out a shared understanding of what children and young people need and want in order to be well, and what the New Zealand government is and should be doing to support them.