Human reproductive technology


The history of donor conception records in Victoria

This report begins with a brief socio-legal history of donor conception in the State of Victoria. Then, in subsequent chapters based on case studies of the three hospital sites, it traces what information was collected about donors pre-1988, how it was recorded and managed, where...

Assisted reproductive technology in Australia and New Zealand 2015

This report on Assisted Reproductive Techonology in Australia and New Zealand reveals that for the first time, more babies are born from IVF treatment using frozen embryos.
Literature review

Maternal, pregnancy and neonatal outcomes following IVF pregnancies: evidence check

This review examined the evidence for risks associated with assisted reproductive technology (ART). The published research does not currently allow for the estimation of the net effect of ART on pregnancy, maternal and neonatal outcomes. The best available evidence indicates that a pregnancy after ART...
Journal article

Active fathers, natural families and children’s origins: dominant themes in the Australian political debate over eligibility for assisted reproductive technology

In this paper, Deb Dempsey analyses three dominant themes in contributions to the public debate and law reform process – ‘active’ fathering, the distinction between social and medical infertility, and children’s right-to-know their biological origins. She argues these themes reveal very different concerns that do...

Medicare and assisted reproductive technologies

Jennifer L. Smith provides background to policy debates in Australia concerning the public funding of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilisation through Medicare. She examines recent events which have brought the funding of ART to public attention, looks at the public funding...
Journal article

An overview of assisted reproduction in Australia and directions for social research

Australian scientists have been frontrunners in the development and implementation of reproductive technology, and recently there has been renewed debate about government funding and access. Karen Bell provides an overview of reproductive technology services in Australia and examines the body of social research on the...