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Conservation funding
Environmental economics
Sustainability and the environment
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Social sustainability in delivery and procurement of public construction contracts

This study focused on the social dimension of sustainability and analysed 451 tendering documents from 10 countries to assess the influence of procurement procedures and delivery methods on the inclusion of social criteria in public construction procurement.
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Anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric values as the basis of the new sustainable paradigm in architecture

The economics and social items related to architecture are showing that the environmental conscience must be spread not only to market and economical diplomacy, but to education, participation, and ethics too. The approach then, is finally global, holistic and focused on values.
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Contextualising mainstreaming of disaster resilience concepts in the construction process

The paper provides an extensive analysis of the gaps in the knowledgebase of construction professionals that are undermining their ability to contribute to the development of a more disaster resilient society. Accordingly, the paper recommends major changes in construction education, research, policy and practice with...
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Highway infrastructure: visions and challenges in the next decades

The challenges for smart highway implementation is waiting ahead. Issues related to technology acceptance, political will and policies, creativity and innovations, construction methods, ethics and changing in human values need to be discuss in depth.

Performance-based specifications for sustainable pavements: A Lean engineering analysis

Lean concepts, though born in the manufacturing industry, have since made their way to the construction industry. In a broad sense, lean concepts aim at minimizing waste and maximizing value which can be related to cost, quality, and time. These aims are in-line with sustainable...
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Design-build and design-bid-build in construction - A comparative review

This paper aims at synthesizing relevant findings about the Design-Build (DB) construction delivery system from previous studies. It focuses especially on cost, schedule, quality, and various sustainability aspects associated with a construction project, as they are widely used as performance indicators in this industry. This...

Critical analysis of procurement techniques in construction management sectors

Over the last three decades, numerous procurement techniques have been one of the highlights of the Construction Management (CM) for ventures, administration contracting, venture management as well as design and construct. Due to the development and utilization of those techniques, various researchers have explored the...
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Enhancing labour productivity in petrochemical construction and maintenance projects

Construction labour is a significant cost factor for petrochemical plant owners and their contractors. Enhancing labour productivity is therefore indispensable for the petrochemical industry in order to achieve sustainable development. Considering the variety of projects undertaken by this industry (i.e. construction and more particularly, maintenance...
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Impact on the design phase of industrial housing when applying a product platform approach

With a glulam-based post-beam building system, a variety of building solutions is offered on the market for multi-story buildings. The building system must be adaptable to the demands of each project. However, short lead-time, efficient manufacturing and assembly must be ensured. The use of product...
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Target Value Design inspired practices to deliver sustainable buildings

The design of environmentally-friendly buildings relies on the work of interdisciplinary teams who have to look at problems in a holistic way. Teams need to communicate, collaborate, and make decisions not solely based on first cost considerations. For this purpose, Target Value Design (TVD) related...