The views of Australian judicial officers on domestic and family violence perpetrator interventions

This project aims to contribute to an understanding of judicial views, understandings and practices in relation to perpetrator interventions and how these views may influence overall perpetrator accountability within the system of perpetrator interventions.

Young witnesses in New Zealand's sexual violence pilot courts

This research was initiated in response to the establishment of New Zealand’s Sexual Violence Courts Pilot in late 2016. The aims of the project were to contribute to innovation in court processes and the further development of the Sexual Violence Court Pilot.

The criminal justice system: how government reforms and coronavirus will affect policing, courts and prisons

This report sets out the potential impact of the United Kingdom government’s plan to increase the number of police officers by 20,000 and the coronavirus crisis on the criminal justice system.

Rape myths as barriers to fair trial process

This book contains the findings of four years of research that compares the trial process in thirty adult rape cases from 2010 to 2015 (in which the defence at trial was consent), with ten cases from the Sexual Violence Court Pilot heard in 2018.

Pathways to the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement

This document is a companion document to the draft Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement. It brings together the background information, consultation findings and evidence that informed the development of the agreement. It provides the rationale for the initiatives and strategies contained in the agreement.

Poland 2019: the state of the judiciary

This briefing provides an update on the state of judicial independence in Poland. The situation is characterised by the ongoing harassment of judges who stood in defence of the rule of law and human rights, and by media smear campaign against judges with alleged links...

Culturally and linguistically diverse parties in the courts: a Chinese case study

This report is the first major New Zealand study that has been conducted into the unique issues and challenges faced by courts, judges, lawyers, prosecutors and interpreters to ensure equal access to justice for culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse (CALD) parties in the courts, and...

Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission on committal proceedings

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission on Committal Proceedings.
Draft report

Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement 2019-2025: draft agreement for consultation

In partnership with Aboriginal Territorians, the Northern Territory government is developing the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement. The NT government has released this draft to seek input from Territorians before finalising the content of the agreement.

Evaluation of the Sexual Violence Court pilot

This evaluation of New Zealand’s first sexual violence court has confirmed that the approach taken in the judge-led pilot considerably reduces the time that cases take to reach trial. The evaluation also finds that most complainants feel the pilot’s trials are managed in a way...