Conference paper

Local governance, community safety and gender: a comparison of Australian and Canadian initiatives

This paper briefly outlines the state of crime prevention and community safety initiatives in Australia and Canada, followed by an analysis of practical and theoretical dilemmas in getting to the first stage of community safety planning, that of problem identification.

Buried treasures and missed opportunities in Victorian sports reporting

This study is the first ever, large-scale analysis of the extent and nature of the portrayal of women and men in Victorian sports print media. It provides important evidence to both inform the debate and to highlight challenges and opportunities.

Masculinities and health: attitudes towards men and masculinities in Australia

This report documents the character of attitudes towards men and masculinity in Australia.

Masculinities and health scoping review: a report prepared for VicHealth

Informed by VicHealth’s intention to better understand the role masculinity/ies can play in promoting gender equality, this scoping review paper provides a critical discussion of a body of literature pertaining to the concept of 'healthy or 'healthier' masculinities.

Framing masculinity: message guide

This message guide contains recommendations that will help you have more productive conversations about masculine stereotypes in Australia. It is based on extensive research undertaken by Common Cause Australia on behalf of VicHealth in 2019 and early 2020.

Masculinities and health: a framework for challenging masculine gender stereotypes in health promotion

The Masculinities and Health Framework is a planning tool to support people and organisations promoting health and wellbeing, particularly when working with men and boys.

Unpacking the Man Box

This study finds young Australian men’s belief in rigid masculine stereotypes has a stronger impact on whether they will use violence, sexually harass women, or experience mental ill-health themselves, than other factors including their education levels, where they live or their cultural heritage.

2019 gender attitudes survey

This report provides the results for the 2019 Gender Equality Survey. This survey was undertaken in order to update the baseline 2017 survey.
Working paper

The politics of gender-responsive social protection

This paper analyses social protection policy and programming through a gendered political economy lens, to understand why and how progress has (or has not) been made in promoting gender equality and empowerment outcomes, and to identify entry points for action.
Working paper

Does female breadwinning make partnerships less healthy or less stable?

This paper examines whether female breadwinning makes partnerships less healthy or less stable, using recent U.S and Australian data.