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Resilient health and care: learning the lessons of COVID-19

This report argues that the UK government should take the opportunity to create a health system where resilience is considered efficient, where long-term thinking is encouraged, and where resources are allocated to deliver on it.
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Long term outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians after hospital intensive care

This article assesses long term outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Australians admitted non‐electively to intensive care units (ICUs).

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital: a case study in blow-outs, red tape and union influence

Did you know that the seventh most expensive building in the world is being built right here in Australia? It’s the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (nRAH)—a project that is 18 months behind schedule and $640 million over budget.
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Fact Check: The Government says Australians will lose out on medical help if refugees are brought here for treatment. Is that correct?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Coalition frontbenchers say Australians face being kicked off hospital waiting lists by an influx of asylum seekers and refugees seeking medical treatment in Australia under the so-called medevac legislation.
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Fact Check: Is the Government spending record amounts on health and hospitals?

Replying to a suggestion that voters might prefer higher hospital and education funding over tax cuts, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claimed the Government was spending "record amounts" on hospitals and health.
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Fact Check: Has the Coalition taken billions of dollars from hospitals and not put it back?

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews claims hospitals have been shortchanged by the federal Coalition Government's new three-year funding deal, which he says does not return billions of dollars taken from the states and territories by the 2014 budget.
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Fact Check: Does the federal budget cut $80 billion from hospitals and schools?

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten claims the budget conceals an $80 billion cut to hospitals and schools. Prime Minister Tony Abbott disagrees.

Disparities in potentially preventable hospitalisations across Australia, 2012–13 to 2017–18

The potentially preventable hospitalisations (PPH) indicator is a proxy measure of primary care effectiveness. This report highlights disparities in PPH rates between populations.

Aboriginal people’s experiences of hospital care

More than 1,000 Aboriginal people shared their experiences of care in emergency departments and as admitted patients in NSW public hospitals.

Hotspots of potentially preventable hospital admissions

This is the second edition of a bitesize Health Performance Council report pinpointing potential health inequalities by analysing South Australian public hospital data, looking for hospitalisations that are potentially preventable, variation by where people live in the state, and opportunities to improve.