Chronic diseases

Alternate Term Label:
Non-communicable diseases
Briefing paper

Data collection for community-based allied health chronic disease management

This paper argues that there is a lack of digital infrastructure to support the collection of allied health data. The authors suggest that development and implementation of nationally consistent clinical terminology for data entry, software interoperability standards for data exchange and sharing, and support for...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Do vegetarians weigh less and have lower risk of disease than meat-eaters?

Animal rights group PETA claims vegetarians and vegans weigh less than meat eaters and have a reduced risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and strokes.
Briefing paper

Integration of general practice pharmacists into primary healthcare settings for chronic disease management

This brief discusses the potential benefits an integrated GPP can have on patient care, patient outcomes, and high-quality value-based primary healthcare; and examines the experiences of PHNs piloting integrated GPP programs in the Australian setting.
Journal article

Hospitalisation for cirrhosis in Australia: disparities in presentation and outcomes for Indigenous Australians

This article assesses differences in presentation and patient outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians hospitalised for cirrhosis in Queensland.

Australia's health tracker 2019

Australia’s Health Tracker 2019 continues the work of a national collaboration of public health and chronic disease organisations and experts that began in 2015 and produced health targets to support, guide and track progress towards a substantial change in the health of our nation. This...

AMA submission on the PIP Indigenous Health Incentive Review

This Australian Medical Association (AMA) submission details opportunities to improve the PIP IHI, including streamlining registration, modifying the payment model, and using data to drive quality.

AMA submission to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Reference Group of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Taskforce

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) provided this submission to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Reference Group of the MBS Review Taskforce. The submission makes recommendations in relation to MBS items for mental health, chronic disease management, substance misuse, and Aboriginal health checks.

AMA submission to the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review Taskforce - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Reference Group Report

The AMA provided a submission to the report from the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Reference Group (Reference Group).

Chronic conditions: strategy 2016 to 2026

This strategy details the organisational approach Apunipima will take to work with Cape York communities in the prevention, treatment and management of chronic conditions. It reflects current practice, based on research and in line with national and other state approaches.

Patient activation in Australians with chronic illness – survey results

The findings from this CHF national survey of 1,700 people shows that Australians with chronic and complex needs are less activated than their healthier counterparts. People with pressing healthcare needs may be less aware of their condition or able to get the care they need.