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Fact Check: Would companies that paid no tax in 2015-16 be unable to benefit from a tax cut so as to invest more and help lift wages?

The Business Council of Australia promises to invest more in Australia if the Government's proposed corporate tax is passed, arguing this would lead to higher wages. But Labor Senator Murray Watt claims this promise can't be fulfilled
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Fact Check: Christopher Pyne's claim that graduates earn more is overblown

Education Minister Christopher Pyne claims university students have a less than 1 per cent unemployment rate and, over a lifetime, earn 75 per cent more than those who don't go to university.
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Fact Check: Bill Shorten says everything is going up except your wages. Is he correct?

In the first leaders' debate of the 2019 election, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has claimed wages growth under the Coalition is at record lows while living costs are rising across the board.
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Fact Check: Are train drivers in the Pilbara the highest paid in the world?

UK transport commentator, Christian Wolmar claims train drivers in the Pilbara earn about $240,000 a year and are probably the highest-paid train drivers in the world.

Shared sacrifice in the two Australias

The Institute of Public Affairs is calling on federal and state governments to reduce public sector salaries for those on over $150,000 by 20%.
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The same mistake twice: the self-defeating consequences of public sector pay freezes

This paper documents the harmful consequences of freezing public service pay, both for public sector workers and for the broader economy.
Policy report

Relief measures: comparing COVID-19 wage subsidy schemes

The COVID-19 outbreak will likely lead to a significant economic recession. The NZ government's pandemic response has rightly prioritised maintaining employment and the ability of firms to recover quickly when the crisis abates. This report compares wage subsidy schemes in Canada and Australia with New...

Wage-cutting strategies in the mining industry

Ausralia’s resource sector historically delivers good paying jobs to workers in regional and rural Australia. But increasingly, these jobs are being casualised, and in many cases replaced with contractual labour, procured through labour-hire. This report explores the broader economic impact of these wage-cutting strategies that...
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The long-term consequences of wage freezes for real wages, lifetime earnings, and superannuation

A wage freeze is often described as a "temporary sacrifice," that supposedly ends once normal annual wage increments are restored. However, this paper confirms that the legacy of even a temporary pay freeze is a permanent reduction in lifetime incomes and superannuation, which can easily...
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Improving protections of employees’ wages and entitlements: further strengthening the civil compliance and enforcement framework

The Australian government is committed to an industrial relations system that balances the needs of both employees and employers, including those engaged in small business. This paper seeks input from the community about the operation of the current compliance and enforcement framework.