Emissions trading

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Emissions trading schemes

Report of the expert panel examining additional sources of low cost abatement

The recommendations outlined in this report are intended to help Australia exceed its current international commitments and create a pathway for ongoing emissions reductions beyond 2030 to meet future commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Bushfires won’t change climate policy overnight. But Morrison can shift the Coalition without losing face

There is an obvious point upon which the LNP, Labor and Greens might agree to move policy forward: the national 'cap and trade' emissions trading system proposed by John Howard in 2007.

61140 | Behind the numbers: downward trend reverses as Australia begins climb to new emissions high

Emissions grew 1.3 per cent over FY15 – the first increase in fiscal year emissions since 2005-06, ten years ago, when Australian emissions reached their historic peak, according to this report. Summary The government’s latest emissions projections were released in late December, along with an...

Using carbon revenues

This report provides practical guidance on using carbon revenues by helping policymakers understand the implications, opportunities, and challenges associated with different approaches to carbon revenue use.

Transitioning to a low-emissions future: the government response to the Productivity Commission’s Low Emissions Economy report

The overall finding is an essential message for New Zealand – the transition to a low emissions economy is achievable, but will be challenging. Effort is required across many areas. Stable and credible climate policy is essential for long-term change.
Working paper

Uncertainty, risk and investment and the NZ ETS

This working paper, which evolved under Motu’s ETS Dialogue process from 2016 to 2018, explores key considerations for emission price management in the context of a specific working model for unit supply in the NZ ETS.
Working paper

Managing scarcity and ambition in the NZ ETS

This working paper, which evolved under Motu’s ETS Dialogue process from 2016 to 2018, explores key considerations for ETS cap setting and proposes the design for a cap on units auctioned and freely allocated in the NZ ETS.

The future of UK carbon pricing

This consultation report includes questions relevant to a linked or standalone UK emissions trading system or a tax on carbon.

Emissions trading worldwide: status report 2019

This report features articles from policymakers around the world that provide insights into the approaches to Emissions Trading System/Scheme design currently being implemented.
Journal article

Environmental integrity of international carbon market mechanisms under the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement establishes provisions for using international carbon market mechanisms to achieve climate mitigation contributions. Environmental integrity is a key principle for using such mechanisms under the Agreement. This paper systematically identifies and categorizes issues and options to achieve environmental integrity, including how it...