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Women economic conditions


Stronger together: WA’s plan for gender equality

This plan provides a framework for coordinated action by the Western Australian government, business, organisations and individuals, with practical steps to advance gender equality over the next ten years.

Global gender gap report 2020

Gender parity has a fundamental bearing on whether or not economies and societies thrive. None of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children. That’s the sobering finding of this year's edition of the Global Gender Gap...
Working paper

Nappies, books and wrinkles: how children, qualifications and age affect female underemployment in Australia

This paper examines the factors contributing to female underemployment across Australia. ‘Underemployed’ in this document refers to females in part-time employment, who, if given the choice, would take on more hours of paid employment relative to their current hours.
Working paper

Marital dissolution and personal wealth: examining gendered trends across the dissolution process

This study examines personal wealth changes over the dissolution process, starting up to three years prior to separation and until 15 years after legal divorce.
Draft report

Women’s plan: building a stronger WA together 2020-2030

There is powerful evidence that gender equality makes good business sense and will contribute to a strong economy for Western Australia. This draft plan has been developed as a framework for the state government, business and the community to take action.

2019 Women’s report card

The 2019 Women’s report card presents factbased information to raise awareness of the status of Western Australian women. It contributes to the evidence base which underpins actions to address the barriers to women’s progress and promote the benefits of greater gender equity.

Mutual appreciation: a social innovation think piece

While access to secure and affordable housing can mean the difference between poverty and a decent life in older age, full home-ownership in Australia is increasingly a privilege. This publication argues that unless society recalibrates some of the policy surrounding housing and aged care, gendered...

Women, Peace and Security summit: 2019 summit report

The Women Peace and Security Summit was co-hosted by the Governments of Samoa and New Zealand in Apia, Samoa, 22-23 August 2019. The summit was attend by 150 participants from 24 countries. This summit report captured discussions, high level outcomes and recommendations that will help...

She's price(d)less: the economics of the gender pay gap

Seven years on from a landmark review examining the economic implications of the gender pay gap in Australia, this update report finds that sex discrimination continues to be the single largest factor contributing to the gender pay gap. And disturbingly, it’s on the increase.

Understanding the economic implications of the gender pay gap

The objective of this research was to develop a more rigorous evidence base around the structural factors underlying the gender pay gap, the contribution of these factors to the gap, the potential economic implications in terms of women’s participation in the labour force, and broader...