Making things in Australia again? Not in Victoria

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how dependent Australia has become on selling basic minerals and agricultural commodities, and how reliant Australian consumers are on imported knowledge intensive goods. This paper examines the response to these revelations in Victoria.

Creative, cultural and digital industries guide

This 48 page creative industries guide provides information, ideas and guidance on a range of business issues relevant to enterprises in the creative, cultural and digital sectors. Sections include: - Strategic Planning - Understanding your Customers - Profiting from your Ideas - Organisational Structures -...

TPI state of transition report 2019

This report by the Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) assesses the state of transition of the world’s largest and highest-emitting public companies towards a low-carbon economy.

Mineral and energy resource exploration: Issues paper

The focus of this inquiry is on those activities relating to the gathering of knowledge as to the location, quantity and quality of mineral and energy deposits. This includes the exploration activities of all entities, including the large mining companies engaged in both exploration and...

Australian social trends, Dec 2012

The current statistics regarding agriculture and farming indicate rising numbers of people are leaving rural areas and changing their lifestyles. In 2012, Australia celebrates the Year of the Farmer, a chance to pay tribute to the important role that farming and agriculture plays in our...

One country, many voices BCA 2012 Indigenous engagement survey

More than 2,000 Indigenous employees have been hired and more than 700 Indigenous traineeships created through Business Council of Australia member company efforts in the past 12 months, efforts which are now impacting across diverse parts of the economy. The results are included in the...

Australia's progress in the digital economy: participation, trust and confidence (Report 2)

The digital economy is important to most Australians with almost three-quarters of the adult population believing the internet has improved their day-to-day lives. The real benefits of the internet are demonstrated by the increasing frequency of internet use and the range and scope of activities...

Understanding productivity: Australia's choice

This report explores Australia’s productivity slowdown and the policy measures that are being proposed to address it. There is increasing recognition and agreement among policy-makers in Australia that productivity is a key driver of growth, competitiveness and living standards. But there is less agreement on...

Market power in the Victorian retail energy market

According to the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), the objectives of energy retail market competition are to give customers the opportunity to choose among competing retailers and to deliver efficient prices and services.1 In neoclassical economic theory, effective competition is desirable because it allocates resources...

Minimising consumer detriment from energy door-to-door sales

This report looks at the role of door-to-door selling in Victoria’s evolving retail energy market, the consumer detriment associated with it, and the policy approaches – both existing and potential – that may minimise detriment without compromising energy market objectives Since the introduction of Full...