Queensland's green tape crisis: an analysis of the growth of Queensland's environmental bureaucracy and agricultural sector

This report estimates the size and growth of Queensland’s environmental bureaucracy since the year 2000, and compares it against the size and growth of Queensland’s agricultural sector.

The bureaucratisation of public education in Australia

This report provides an analysis of the huge increase in the bureaucratisation of public education in Australia since 2002.
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What makes governments innovative?

Amidst all the enthusiasm for 'innovation,' there is only limited understanding of what makes governments innovative. What factors support public sector innovation?

Tasked with implementing Brexit, the British civil service faces immense change and uncertainty

Leaving the EU is one of the most intricate and transformative challenges that the UK has ever confronted. Brexit has significant implications for the British civil service and its capability to deliver on the government’s 12 priorities for Brexit.

Less than frank and not quite fearless

The Victorian auditor-general’s criticism of the quality of bureaucratic advice on the contentious East West Link raises broader concerns about the public service

The independent review of whole-of-government internal regulation

The Independent Review of Whole-of-Government Internal Regulation (the review) was commissioned by the Secretaries Board in March 2015 in response to a perceived burgeoning of regulation within the Commonwealth public sector. The report makes observations on culture in the APS as it relates to regulation.

Civil service reform plan

UK government departments are already implementing substantial change programmes; but the scale of the challenges and persistent weaknesses require a reform plan that applies right across the Civil Service. The Civil Service plays a crucial role in modern British life, supporting the wellbeing, security and...
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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: business versus bureaucracy in international development

New forms of aid, including “philanthrocapitalism” such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are rapidly altering the international aid architecture for health. These organisations have financial power, actively shape agendas and influence policy. The rise of non‐traditional donor organisations creates opportunities and has implications...