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2020 Defence strategic update

This strategic update sets out the challenges in Australia’s strategic environment and their implications for defence planning. It provides a new, strategic policy framework to ensure Australia is able to deploy military power to shape our environment, deter actions against our interests and, when required...

From concentrated vulnerability to distributed lethality — or how to get more maritime bang for the buck with our offshore patrol vessels

This report proposes a way for the Australian government to acquire maritime war-fighting capability quickly and affordably while promoting Australian industry and the continuous Naval Shipbuilding Program.
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Fact Check: Who has a say in sending Australian troops to war?

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims the government of the day has the ultimate responsibility for making decisions involving Australia's military.
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Fact Check: It's war, not 'a mission': Abbott incorrect on Iraq action

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims Australian use of air strikes and Australian special forces to fight Islamic state militants in Iraq amounts to "a mission" rather than "a war".
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Fact Check: Is it illegal for Australia to bomb Islamic State in Syria?

Independent federal MP Andrew Wilkie claims "it is illegal for Australia to bomb in Syria" because governments can't bomb a sovereign state which poses no threat to other countries.
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Fact Check: Is Australia's military contribution to the fight against Islamic State the second largest?

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims Australia's contribution to the training mission in Iraq of 380 personnel is the second largest after the US, but there is more in the theatre than just training personnel.
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Fact Check: Does Myanmar's military have absolute freedom to do what it wishes?

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd claims Myanmar's military has "absolute freedom to do what they wish".
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Centre for Defence Industry Capability: review discussion paper

This review will offer an opportunity to strengthen the delivery of the Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC), clarify its role and assess its capacity to continue to support small and regional businesses looking to enter the defence market or grow their industry footprint.
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Trends in world military expenditure, 2019

This fact sheet highlights the regional and national military expenditure data for 2019 and trends over the decade 2010–19. The data is from the updated SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, which provides military expenditure data by country for the years 1949–2019.

Perspectives on nuclear deterrence in the 21st century

Nuclear deterrence theory, with its roots in the Cold War era, may not account for all eventualities in the 21st century. Researchers at Chatham House have worked with eight experts to produce this collection of essays examining four contested themes in contemporary policymaking on deterrence.