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Briefing paper

UK business and policy leadership for net zero: analysis of progress to reduce emissions

This paper explores how much progress has been made towards reducing emissions in four key UK sectors – power and energy, built environment, road transport, and agriculture and land use.

Our land 2021

This report provides the most up-to-date estimates of New Zealand’s land cover and associated land use and changes.
Conference paper

Melbourne Docklands: it's a class remake but it ain't classy

This paper examines the effects of gentrification and redevelopment on Melbourne's Docklands.
Conference paper

Public awareness and the politics of urban growth

Using the ADI St Mary’s site to explore long standing issues in the planning and management of urban development, this paper identifies the generic nature of issues such as constraining the scale of development and empowering people in specific contexts, resulting from a complex interplay...
Conference paper

Planning under-empowerment and urban over-development in inner Sydney

Exploring the way in which the exercise of power by developers, stemming from superior money-based resources, distorts planning processes, this paper looks at how urban over-development can occur even when planning controls to limit development to levels acceptable to the community are in place.
Conference paper

Law and governance for the biodiverse city

This paper suggests that Australia’s existing environmental laws and regulations are inadequate to protect biodiversity when it comes in direct competition with determined urban expansion.
Conference paper

Greater Western Sydney regional transportation study: forecasting travel demand

This paper is based on a consulting project undertaken for the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) to help understand the travel demand patterns that might arise from various land use and transport infrastructure scenarios in Western Sydney.
Conference paper

The sharing Sydney Harbour access program: a partnership approach

This paper describes the State Government's Access Program which aims to increase access to and along the foreshores of Sydney Harbour and its tributaries for people on foot and bicycle and improve access to and from the waterways for recreational boating.
Conference paper

From the outside looking in – planning and land management in Sydney’s fringe

This paper explores the major issues arising in Sydney’s rural-urban fringe, particularly from the perspective of Sydney’s fringe from the outside looking in rather from the inside looking out.
Conference paper

Shaping the parklands, shaping Western Sydney

The development of the Western Sydney Regional Parklands (WSRP) has been a component of the metropolitan area’s masterplan for many decades. With the residential ‘land creep’ now virtually on its doorstep, it is timely for the WSRP to be formally recognized and developed as Western...