Revisiting the revolution: Whitlam and women

This video accompanies the Whitlam Legacy Paper "Revisiting the revolution: Whitlam and women", written by the late Susan Ryan AO.

Revisiting the revolution: Whitlam and women

This essay documents the remarkable achievements of trailblazing feminists involved in the Women’s Revolution of the ‘70s, alongside insights from emerging leaders from today’s feminist vanguard.

Mapping right-wing extremism in Victoria

This project responds to increasing right-wing extremism and anti-feminist sentiment in Victoria by mapping the social media activities of Victorian far-right extremists, including links with family violence, anti-feminist and other extremist sentiment.
Conference paper

Digital landscape of women’s safety

In the context of increasingly digitised urban governance, this paper investigates the use of digital technology in the advocacy for women’s safety in the city.
Journal article

Power, process, plumbing: Big G and small g gender in Victoria’s Family Violence policy subsystem

This article introducea the framework of ‘big G’ (categorical) and ‘small g’ (process) gender to explore the varied ways in which actors in Victoria's family violence policy subsystem talk about and understand gender.
Blog post

What do we mean when we talk about ‘gender’ and family violence?

This article explores the different understandings of gender being used by practitioners from different sectors across family violence responses.

Oxfam’s guide to feminist influencing

This guide was written for Oxfam staff. However, it is useful for anyone interested in learning more about how to apply feminist principles and practices to campaigning, policy, advocacy and influencing.
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What can policymakers learn from feminist strategies to combine contextualised evidence with advocacy?

In most established democracies, there is a desire to combine policymaking with evidence, earning a notch of legitimacy for policy and research alike. The use of evidence in policymaking is a good idea, but like many good ideas it is more complicated in practice than...
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Going commando: prosthetics and the politics of gender

Abstract In light of cultural discourses that position femininity at odds with technology, I was inspired by the work of Donna Haraway to examine how women amputees experience and negotiate feminine embodiment with prosthetic limbs. In her germinal Manifesto for Cyborgs, Haraway theorised the cyborg...
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Hijab, "new piety" and women’s agency: a critique of Bronwyn Winter's atheist feminism

Chloe Patton explores the issue of the religiosity of young Muslim women in Western societies and their capacity to make free and autonomous choices. The article discusses Hijab and the Republic: Uncovering the French Headscarf by Australian feminist Bronwyn Winter. Placing Winter’s book in the...