Barriers to employment for migrant engineers

Australia needs more skilled engineers to deliver on an ambitious infrastructure agenda. However this research reveals that many overseas-born engineers struggle to find work in the industry.
Policy report

Australian COVID-19 policy responses: a health equity report card

This report assesses the health equity implications of federal, state and territory government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic across housing, employment and income support.

Rethinking redundancy for the automation age

Automation is changing the way we work. While new innovations are essential to improve productivity, often the incorporation of new tech into workplaces pushes Australians out of work – sometimes permanently. This report explores how overdue reforms to Australia’s redundancy framework can provide a smoother...

Use and administration of wage subsidies

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Federal Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s arrangements in administering wage subsidies linked to employment programs.

Employers guide to refugee employment: a collaborative approach

Australian employers who want to hire refugees often do not know where to start. This guide is based on opportunities and challenges identified by employers and the types of support they found most useful to hire and integrate refugees into their organisations successfully.

Policy as punishment: asylum seekers in the community without the right to work

This research paper outlines the experiences of asylum seekers who arrived to Australia by boat and are living in the Australian community without the right to work and with only minimal financial support.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Does Australia's migration system prioritise Australian workers? To find out, we need to look beyond temporary skilled visas

The flood of migrant workers that has helped sustain the long economic boom has all but dried up following the COVID-19-induced closure of Australia's borders. Putting to one side the merits or otherwise of the labour market testing system, Mr Tudge's claim needs context.

Methodology for modelling distributional impacts of emissions budgets on employment in New Zealand

In this document, the authors present the Distributional Impacts Microsimulation for Employment (DIM-E) to examine the potential distributional employment impacts for different mitigation options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Working from home: research paper

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to large-scale and rapid changes in work practices, including a dramatic increase in the number of people working from home. This report considers how decisions about location of work will be made as firms and workers continue to learn how...
Policy report

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: how successful has the furlough scheme been and what should happen next?

This report, based on the final official data before the furlough scheme is due to close, assesses the most radical economic policy the UK government enacted in response to coronavirus – and supports the government’s decision to bring it to a close later this month.