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Working paper

Returns to adult education and training in New Zealand

In this paper, the authors analyse the impact of adult education and training on labour market outcomes. Using the New Zealand Household Labour Force Survey linked to administrative education and earnings data, it is estimated that on average, studying for a tertiary qualification increases the...

Roadmap for recovery: briefing to the incoming government

New Zealand faces its worst recession in nearly a century. Unfortunately, the economic response to the challenges of Covid-19 leaves much to be desired. Most new policy initiatives proposed in the run-up to the 2020 general election range from trivial at best to economic sabotage...
Policy report

Canada’s forgotten poor? Putting singles living in deep poverty on the policy radar

This report presents the findings of extensive research about employable singles on social assistance undertaken by Toronto Employment and Social Services, in partnership with the Ontario Centre for Workforce Innovation. The report highlights these individuals’ characteristics, their complex needs, and the barriers they face in...

Inequality in Australia 2020 - part 1: overview - supplement: the impact of COVID-19 on income inequality

The COVID-19 virus, together with the ‘lockdowns’ instituted from March 2020 to prevent its spread, plunged the Australian economy into the deepest recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. This Supplement outlines what the available data tells us about the impacts on employment and...

Inquiry into sustainable employment for disadvantaged jobseekers

The recommendations in this report aim to break down employment barriers through tailored and flexible support and collaboration between employers, service providers, educators and government.
Case study

FEATuring YOU: a soft skills training and assessment program for Opportunity Youth

Ithaka S+R, an independent nonprofit research group, conducted this case study of FEATuring YOU, to document the development and implementation of the program, understand its value-added and potential for impact in the field, and make recommendations for future developments.

Australia's STEM workforce: science, technology, engineering and mathematics

This report presents a comprehensive analysis of people with STEM qualifications and how STEM qualifications are used in the Australian workforce.
Discussion paper

JobKeeper: a proposal for clawing back unnecessary spending

Rather than dumping JobKeeper, David Richardson argues in this discussion paper that it can be reformed in such a way that more of the payment is clawed back by the government, and that can be done by making it taxable at a much higher rate...

Ka whati te tai: a generation disrupted

Focusing on the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Māori, the report explores the challenges and opportunities for Māori in the new work order.

Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce strategy 2020–24

This strategy provides an important framework to increase Indigenous employment outcomes across the Commonwealth public sector.