CRE-IQI Year 4 Review: progress report 2018

This report summarises the first four years of operation of the Centre for Research Excellence in Integrated Quality Improvement, which is funded for five years (2014–2019) by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
Discussion paper

Towards comparable statistics for cultural heritage organisations

This is a first step towards an improvement in the overall quality and comparability of key data collected by Australia's cultural heritage sector, which encompasses museums, libraries, art museums and archives.

Artistic vibrancy: a way for organisations to talk about artistic impact

This framework is a way for organisations to talk about artistic impact internally and with others. It offers a way to capture the value arts and culture create for the society, economy and community.
Technical report

The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness outcomes measurement framework: dashboard

This document is an initial prototype of The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation Framework: Dashboard (the Dashboard). This version of the Dashboard provides a first visualisation of data in relation to the outcomes, indicators and measures articulated in the first...

Public value: how can it be measured, managed and grown?

This paper brings together views from Nesta on better ways of mapping and measuring public value. It considers many fields - from health and culture to public services - to find more rounded and realistic ways of capturing the many dimensions of value created by...
Discussion paper

Establishing an Aboriginal-led evaluation and review mechanism in Victoria

The purpose of this discussion guide is to assist Aboriginal Victorians to lead the design of a new accountability mechanism to keep government accountable to community in Aboriginal affairs.
Discussion paper

The renewable city: the future of low carbon living

This paper is also an urgent call to heed the need for rapid proliferation of LCL principles and projects, and their mobilization across the built environment production system. It is a call to build an open market for this by creating the required regulatory and...

Automated Plan Review for the BIM World

Conducting a plan review to determine whether a building complies with the building code is made much easier with the innovative APR software from SMARTreview. APR works inside Autodesk Revit to collect information relevant to the building code, send it to our APR Cloud Analysis...

A Performance Based Building Code

Dr Robert Care - ARUP Dr Care’s Building Australia’s Future 2015 Conference presentation provides both a historical and a future insight on the construction industry’s adoption of a Performance-based code. The barriers, the benefits, and the need for industry sectors to work collaboratively in developing...

Evaluation of Building America and selected building energy codes program activities

This evaluation, conducted by Industrial Economics Incorporated on behalf of BTO, centers on a retrospective cost-benefit analysis of selected Building America program activities in the new residential market. It estimates the economic rate of return by comparing the economic benefits attributable to a subset of...