Fossil fuels

Fact sheet

Fact Check Analysis: Should Australia's fossil fuel exports be counted in its share of global carbon emissions?

Some say Australia is doing its fair share to tackle climate change, given it accounts for just 1.3 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Depending on the accounting method, however, that number could be much higher.

Running on empty?

This report describes how Australia's fuel security situation is so fraught, and the national reserve so small, that during major military exercises and actual operations, such as the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, fuel stocks have reached critically low levels.

Restricting the production of fossil fuels in Aotearoa New Zealand

In 2018, the New Zealand Government decided not to grant any new petroleum prospecting, exploration and mining permits outside onshore Taranaki. The aim of this report is to extend the existing analysis by providing an assessment of what is known about the environmental effectiveness and...
Policy report

Fighting the elephant in the room: the Democratic race and climate politics

This report examines how the leading Democratic presidential candidates are positioning themselves on key issues in the climate debate, and discusses implications for Australia and other nations' approaches to decarbonisation and the environment.
Technical report

Energy security and prosperity in Australia: a roadmap for carbon capture and storage

This report provides a roadmap to assure Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as an option for achieving emissions reductions in a timely manner in Australia. It is intended for policy-makers associated with energy, emissions-intensive industry and trade sectors in state and federal government departments across...

National Energy Emissions Audit: electricity update - September 2019

This report includes a new analysis of the relative contributions of the three main factors causing the reduction in emissions for electricity generation in the National Electricity Market. The report ends with the usual monthly Electricity Update summary to the end of 2019.
Discussion paper

The speed of the energy transition: gradual or rapid change?

This paper provides a framework to see how the energy system is evolving. Between two narratives of transitions Gradual and Rapid, this paper summarises the main ways in which they differ and what to look for over the course of the next decade.

Climate, coal, kinship and security in Australia-Pacific relations

Two leading Pacific academics, Tarcisius Kabutaulaka and Katerina Teaiwa, have criticised the security focus of Australia’s “step up” in the Pacific.

Optimal integration of photovoltaics in micro-grids that are dominated by diesel power plants

In this report the effects of PV integration into diesel driven micro-grids was investigated. The focus was set to the fuel saving potential due to the PV integration and the resulting economics for the system. The report starts with a summary of the most relevant...

Welcome to Queensland: renewable one day, and the next, and next …

This report argues that as the world increasingly shifts away from fossil fuels to a renewable energy future, Queensland can position itself as a leader in the transition to a modern, clean renewable powered economy.