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Fact Check: Have women become better educated whilst the gender pay gap hasn't budged?

While Australian women's educational attainment has steadily increased over the past two decades, the gender pay gap has been "in neutral for 20 years", says Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen.
Conference paper

Teaching Lean construction: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru training course in Lean project & construction management

This paper describes the teaching strategies of the Lean Project & Construction Management Training Course, organized by the Civil Engineering Program of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, School of Science and Engineering, with the intention of inspiring other scholars and/or practitioners. It explains the...
Conference paper

Innovations in Construction Personnel Education

The Erasmus+ programme, financed by the European Union, encourages international projects focused on education and recognition of professional qualifications. Projects presented in this paper deepen the ideas of Directive 89/48/EWG, which will lead to the creation of a proper European system of comparison, certification and...

Preparing Australian students for the digital world

This report presents the results of the PISA digital reading literacy assessment for Australia in 2009.

On your marks…get set…go! A tale of six schools and the digital technologies curriculum content

This report explored questions around the enablers and barriers to awareness, foundational knowledge and early implementation of digital technology for schools. The case studies exemplified a range of initial and current progress journeys that schools were on, drawing on the key themes identified in the...

The striking outlier: the persistent, painful and problematic practice of corporal punishment in schools

This report brings new light to the practice of corporal punishment in schools. When an educator strikes a student in school, it can have a devastating impact on the child’s opportunity to learn in a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment. This is dangerous for all...

NQF annual performance report 2019

ACECQA, in collaboration with all governments, has released its third Annual Performance Report on the National Quality Framework (NQF).

National Quality Framework (NQF) Snapshot Q4 2019

ACECQA's 28th NQF Snapshot report summarises quality rating results for education and care services operating under the NQF.

Australian government response to the Red Tape Committee report - Effect of red tape on private education: interim report

The Australian government welcomes the interim report on the effect of red tape on private education by the Senate Select Committee of Red Tape Committee (the Committee), which was tabled on 29 November 2018. The report makes seven recommendations. This response addresses the recommendations of...
Literature review

Evidence scan of educational interventions for children in out-of-home care

This literature review examined the effectiveness of policies, programs, practices and interventions aimed at strengthening educational and wellbeing outcomes for children and youth of all ages in out-of-home care (OOHC).