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Fact Check: Michael Daley says NSW Government has closed more schools than it has opened. Is he correct?

Announcing NSW Labor's plan to replace 1,000 demountable classrooms with permanent buildings, Opposition Leader Michael Daley claimed the state government had closed more schools than it had opened.
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Fact Check: Labor Party ad overreaches on Coalition school funding cuts

An education advertisement released by the Federal Government claims every school in Australia will be affected by cuts planned by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.
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Fact Check: Is the Abbott Government cutting $30 billion from school funding?

Opposition education spokeswoman Kate Ellis claims Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne have announced $30 billion in cuts to Australian schools.
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Fact Check: Is Labor's schools policy fully funded?

Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen claims that Labor's decade-long schools policy, "your child, our future", is fully funded through future budget savings.
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Fact Check: Impossible to guarantee no school will be worse off under Coalition funding arrangements

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten claims the Coalition has broken its election promise that no school will be worse off than it would have been under Labor's Gonski funding plans.
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Fact Check: Has the Government cut $22 billion from schools?

Labor's education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek says $22 billion worth of cuts to school funding over the next 10 years means the cuts would affect schools in the country and the city, including those in battling postcodes.
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Fact Check: Does the federal budget cut $80 billion from hospitals and schools?

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten claims the budget conceals an $80 billion cut to hospitals and schools. Prime Minister Tony Abbott disagrees.
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Fact Check: Did Kristina Keneally cut school funding while she was premier of NSW?

Education Minister Simon Birmingham claims Kristina Keneally cut education funding while she was NSW premier, but she says funding increased in every key area under her government.
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Fact Check: Can the Gonski 2.0 reforms be described as 'sector-blind'?

The school funding debate has raised rival claims over whether the Turnbull Government's reforms are "sector-blind".
Policy report

Pain without gain: why school closures are bad policy

While policymakers are in the unenviable position of seemingly having to trade off between public health and children’s education, nonetheless it remains essential that they be held to account for their policy decisions. Evidence-based public policy is more important during a pandemic — not less.