Journal article

Enhancing long-term governance: Parliament’s vital oversight role

This article explores how the New Zealand Parliament scrutinises the quality of long-term governance and considers how such scrutiny could be made more systematic, proactive and rigorous.
This Collection contains policy research, grey literature, journal articles and other content related to New Zealand, or published by New Zealand authors and organisations. The collection was established in March 2016 by the School of Government, at Victoria University of Wellington. It was further supported...

VLGA strategic plan 2023-2027

This strategic plan aims to build and strengthen governance and leadership skills among current and future Victorian local government councillors.

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman submission to the Commonwealth Department of the Treasury: consultation on ACCC's regulatory reform recommendations

In this submission to Treasury, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman makes the case to lead world-first Ombudsman service for digital platform complaints.

Accountability or representation? Victorian bicameralism

This paper was presented as a lecture in the Department of the Senate Occasional Lecture Series at Parliament House. On 27 March the Victorian parliament passed legislation significantly reforming the upper house. Among other things, the Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Bill 2003 reconstituted the Council to...

Infrastructure election monitor: New South Wales red book

The NSW Labor Party, led by Chris Minns, is projected to form majority government after the 2023 NSW state election. This report outlines the Minns Government’s infrastructure policy and project commitments, including an overview of public infrastructure investment and market dynamics.

Management of migration to Australia — Family Migration Program

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Home Affairs' management of family-related visas.

First Nations Voice to the South Australian Parliament

The Government of South Australia has committed to a state-based implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, commencing with implementation of the First Nations Voice to the South Australian Parliament. This resource explains the model that has been passed by Parliament.
Policy report

Fiscal reform to rescue our future: the ‘national conversation’ on budgets, spending and tax

There is a wide-ranging agenda of issues to which this paper aims to make a start by examining past, current and projected levels of federal government expenditure and revenue, highlighting where the major shifts are occurring.
Working paper

Understanding cultural differences and extreme attitudes in the 2021 OECD Trust Survey

The 2021 OECD Survey on Drivers of Trust in Public Institutions provides a cross-country assessment of what influences people’s trust in government and public institutions. This paper analyses the open-ended survey responses in 16 OECD countries.
Discussion paper

Nothing to see here: Australia’s broken freedom of information system

The author of this paper argues that Australia’s freedom of information (FOI) system is dysfunctional and under-resourced, partly because governments prioritise protecting themselves from embarrassment over disclosing to the public the information to which it is lawfully entitled.

Benefits of a national local content policy

This report builds on the findings of the ARA’s 'Towards a national local content policy' (2022) report, which highlighted the risks of failing to adopt a standardised approach to local content. It seeks to support the implementation of its recommendations at state level, and quantify...

The fiscal, economic, and public health dangers of water privatisation

Internationally, privately-owned water systems have resulted in higher bills, largely because of rising interest costs, debt and dividend payouts. This report, commissioned by the Australian Services Union NSW & ACT, analyses the fiscal, economic and public health effects of privatising Sydney Water.

Procurement of 1800RESPECT

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Australian Department of Social Services’ 2020 to 2022 procurement of counselling and support services provided through 1800RESPECT.

How to abolish a public body: ten lessons from previous restructures

Public bodies are frequently abolished, but there is little public guidance on how to do this. This report sets out ten practical lessons to help ministers and civil servants to decide when abolitions should happen and then to manage them well.
Policy report

Building trust in AI: a landscape analysis of government AI programs

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) website on artificial intelligence (AI) policy (the OECD.AI Policy Observatory) is the world’s best source for information on public policies dedicated to AI, trustworthy AI and international efforts to advance cooperation in AI. The author’s review of...
Interactive resource

Tracking regulatory changes in the Biden era

The Brookings Center on Regulation and Markets Regulatory Tracker (“Reg Tracker”) provides background information and status updates on a curated selection of particularly important regulatory changes.

Menu of evidence: children and family services

The Menu of Evidence (the Menu) is an online portal and searchable repository of the best available evidence on what works for improving outcomes for children, young people, families, and carers.

Report to the Royal Commission into the Robodebt Scheme

This report has been prepared at the request of the Royal Commission into the Robodebt Scheme. It addresses each of the matters the Royal Commission identified in its request, and sets out the recommendations that, in the author's professional opinion, would address the concerns identified...

Department of Home Affairs’ management of its public communications and media activities

The objective of this audit was to examine the effectiveness of the Department of Home Affairs’ management of its public communications and media activities.

Operation Clara: special report

Operation Clara was an investigation by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC). This report highlights the need for reforms to the regulation of lobbying in Victoria and makes recommendations to ensure those regulations are in step with other states and territories.

Technology and Inequality Roundtable Series: summary of discussions

In November 2022, the British Academy convened three roundtable events, as part of its project on Technology and Inequality for the UK Government Office for Science. This document summarises the key insights that emerged during these three roundtable events.
Briefing paper

Government communications in 2023 and beyond

This paper reflects the themes of a private roundtable held at the Institute for Government in November 2022 and a small number of associated interviews. It looks at how government communications can be most effective, including by considering the role of the Government Communication Service...

Data sharing during coronavirus: lessons for government

This report synthesises the lessons from six case studies and other research on government data sharing during the pandemic. It finds that current legislation, such as the Digital Economy Act and UK General Data Protection Regulation, does not constitute a barrier to data sharing.

Australian government guide to Policy Impact Analysis

This guide helps policy-makers reflect on how policy and regulation can affect people, businesses and community, as well as its broader economic and competition impacts. The Australian government’s rigorous approach to policy-making seeks to ensure that the costs and benefits of new policy are understood...