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Recent developments in federal government funding for public hospitals: a quick guide

A new agreement on hospital funding has been offered by the federal Government; all but two state governments have signed. This quick guide provides an historical overview of funding arrangements for public hospitals and recent developments. It does not address funding for capital and hospital...

Safer care saves money

Australia could save $1.5 billion a year on health spending by improving the safety of patient care in hospitals. Safer hospital care doesn’t just reduce harm to patients, it also saves money for taxpayers.

Hospital resources 2016–17: Australian hospital statistics

This report presents an overview of public hospitals in 2016–17, covering the number and types of hospitals and availability of beds. It also describes public hospitals in terms of recurrent expenditure, the number of full-time equivalent staff employed and the types of specialised services provided...

Australia’s hospitals 2016–17: at a glance

Australia’s hospitals 2016–17 at a glance provides summary information on Australia’s public and private hospitals.

Better health and care for all: a 10-point plan for the 2020s

This final report of the Lord Darzi Review puts forward a 10-point plan to achieve this, as well as a 10-point offer to the public which sets out what the health and care system will be able to offer if this plan for investment and...

Monitoring SA Health's implementation of Transforming Health (2015-2017): indicator report (6th and final ed. May 2018)

Transforming Health was a major South Australian state government initiative that ran between 2015 and 2017. Its stated aims were to improve the metropolitan Adelaide public acute hospital system and align better models of health care delivery with new and upgraded hospital facilities.

Admitted patient care 2016–17: Australian hospital statistics

In 2016–17, there were more than 11 million admissions to hospital—6.6 million in public hospitals and 4.4 million in private hospitals. In public hospitals, a large proportion of admissions (43%) were considered emergencies, while in private hospitals admissions were more likely to be elective or...

The Lord Darzi Review of health and care: interim report

This interim report of the Lord Darzi Review of Health presents evidence in preparation for the final report, which will be published in the lead up to 70th anniversary of the NHS, and will set out a long-term funding and reform plan for health and...
Journal article

Cessation for smokers seeking treatment and advice from health care professionals in the hospital setting

This review found no clear evidence to support implementation of smoking cessation interventions in the emergency department setting.

2018 public hospital report card

The AMA Public Hospital Report Card presents key data on public hospitals published by the Commonwealth, year on year. It uses published data to assess the performance and capacity of our public hospitals to meet the community’s need for hospital services.
Discussion paper

Australian non-admitted care classification development: stakeholder consultation paper

The IHPA has released this public consultation paper on the development of the Australian Non-Admitted Care Classification (ANACC). This consultation paper seeks stakeholders’ views on the potential characteristics of the ANACC system, including the patient condition and intervention characteristics that will form the key concepts...

All complications should count: using our data to make hospitals safer

This report exposes the flaws in Australian hospitals’ safety and quality monitoring regime, and recommends reforms that could result in an extra 250,000 patients leaving hospital each year free of complications.

Report on government services 2018: Health - Chapter 11 Public hospitals

This chapter reports on the performance of governments in providing public hospitals, with a focus on acute care services.

Monitoring Transforming Health (2015 – 2017): indicator report (5th ed. Nov 2017)

Transforming Health was a major South Australian state government change initiative to improve the metropolitan Adelaide public acute hospital system. It ran between 2015 and 2017, with the aim of aligning better models of health care delivery with new and upgraded hospital facilities.

Elective surgery waiting times 2016–17: Australian hospital statistics

This report focuses on information about public hospital elective surgery waiting lists. It presents information on overall activity, what elective surgery was provided and how long people waited for elective surgery.

Healthy people, healthy systems: strategies for outcomes-focused and value-based healthcare

To achieve a healthy Australia supported by the best possible healthcare system, the AHHA recommends that Australia re-orientate the healthcare system over the next ten years by enabling outcomes-focused and value-based healthcare.

Hotspots of potentially preventable hospitalisations in South Australia’s public hospitals

This bitesize report looks briefly into public hospital admissions in South Australia that are potentially preventable, how they vary according to where South Australians live, and what that might say about regional inequalities. The report analyses routinely collected public hospital data.

Private health insurance patients in Australian hospitals, 2006–07 to 2015–16

This report presents information on admitted patient hospitalisations that were completely or partially funded by private health insurance in Australia’s public and private hospitals over the past ten years.

Emergency department care 2016–17: Australian hospital statistics

This report provides information on people who present at emergency departments in Australia, including who used services, why they used them, and how long they had to wait for care.

Strengthening safety statistics: How to make hospital safety data more useful

This report argues that Australia needs to reform the way we collect and use information about patient safety, to reduce the risk of more scandals and tragedies in our hospitals.