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Discussion paper

Digital transformation: powering the great reset

Digital transformation is not a new endeavour for business, though prior attempts have often failed to realise its full potential. This paper explores the increasing yet evolving role and relevance of digital transformation in business today.
Working paper

The Glencore Case: transfer pricing and the world of possibilities

The important and contentious Glencore Case breaks new ground in the application of Australia’s transfer pricing rules to an integrated global business, particularly in framing how the rules take into account business and market risks impacting on such a business.
Briefing paper

Impact and response of businesses in Australia to COVID-19

This research brief provides an overview of the state of businesses in Australia throughout the COVID-19 pandemic from mid-March through to latest business impacts in June.

A second chance: getting Asia right for Australia in a post COVID-19 world

The Business Council of Australia and the Asia Society’s Asia Taskforce have released this interim report, which provides a blueprint for deeper engagement in the region, boosting trade and living standards, and building a strong economic recovery.

Gender Equity Insights 2020: delivering the business outcomes

The 2020 Gender Equity Insights report, the fifth report in this series, shows that more women at the top proves better for business. Profitability, performance and productivity increase under female leadership.

Inquiry into reform of business licensing in Western Australia: final report

Business licensing in Western Australia is varied and far-reaching, for example covering driving, teacher registration, kangaroo shooting and cat breeding. To improve the current licensing schemes, this inquiry sought to identify the reasons why reform can be difficult for agencies and legislators, and proposes ways...

Bailout for business after coronavirus

This report argues that the cost of supporting business through the crisis is easily affordable if it helps return the recession-scarred economy to growth. But the Treasury must avoid burdening companies with unpayable debts or propping up those with no prospects in the post-coronavirus economy.

The Sustainable Development Goals, integrated thinking and the integrated report

This report offers a conceptual underpinning for integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the business model and strategy of the organisation, aligned to the globally recognised International Framework.
Discussion paper

New Zealand firms: reaching for the frontier

New Zealand’s productivity has long lagged behind other developed economies. The Productivity Commission has published this issues paper for its inquiry into lifting the performance of New Zealand’s “frontier firms”. These are the country's most productive firms, and they play a crucial role in the...

Entrepreneurship in Australia and the United States

Growing new ventures to a global scale is vitally important for the development of Australia’s entrepreneurial ecosystems. Australia has a very high proportion of small businesses, but both entrepreneurial activity and attitudes lag the United States.