Technology economic aspects

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Information technology economic aspects

The robot revolution has arrived

In this article, the author describes recent advancements in robotic technology and discusses how increasing reliance on robots will likely impact employment, healthcare, law enforcement and our social interactions.

Career pathways for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce: national career trajectory interviews report

This report details the method and findings from the individual career trajectory interviews for the Lowitja Institute's Career Pathways Project.

Trade in environmentally sound technologies: implications for developing countries

This report aims to enhance understanding of the implications, capacity needs and enabling conditions for trade liberalization of environmentally sound technologies (ESTs), with focus on developing countries. It focuses its analysis on five ESTs, namely solar photovoltaic cells (PVs), water filters, waste incinerators, gas filtering...

Impact of new and emerging information and communication technology

This committee was tasked with investigating the impact of new and emerging ICT, with particular reference to Australian law enforcement agencies and cybercrime prevention.

Matching markets in housing and housing assistance

This study identified five Australian housing markets that could use online technology to match highly specific ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’. The five markets considered are: swaps in public housing; disability accessible housing; low-cost private rental housing brokerage; apartment presales for low/mid income earners; and precinct-level urban...

Information and communication technology use in Australian agriculture

This report outlines how information communications technology (ICT) is used in Australian agriculture. The report also identifies the key differences in adoption between agriculture sectors and between small and large farms.
Working paper

Border adjustments under unilateral carbon pricing: the case of Australian carbon tax

In the absence of a global agreement to reduce emissions, Australia has adopted a carbon taxunilaterally to curb its own emissions.
Working paper

A dynamic evaluation of the impacts of an Emissions Trading Scheme on the Australian economy and emissions levels

Using an environmentally extended MONASH model and a database containing detailed energy sectors, this paper evaluates the effects of an ETS in Australia.

Lifelong participation through digital technology

Due to increases in life expectancy we are now facing what could be the longest ever retirement period in history. With this welcome trend comes new challenges, such as the need to meet increased demand for health and aged care services at a time when...
Working paper

Picking up speed: does ultrafast broadband increase firm productivity?

This working paper investigates whether there are productivity gains from ultrafast broadband (UFB) adoption and whether any gains are higher when firms undertake complementary organisational investments.