Institutional repositories

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Consolidating institutional repositories in a digital, free, open access publication platform for all scholarly output

This paper explains the University Journals project, and how the involved universities want to facilitate a valuable alternative publication platform that complies with Plan S principles that enables publication and dissemination of all research outcomes.
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Exposing standardization and consistency issues in repository metadata requirements for data deposition

In this article, the authors examine common and unique metadata requirements and their levels of descrip­tion, determined by the data deposit forms of 20 repositories in three disciplines—archaeology, quantitative social science, and zoology.

FAIRness of repositories & their data: a report from LIBER's Research Data Management Working Group

This document presents the results of two surveys: one aimed at managers and librarians of repositories, and one directed at technical staff working on repositories.
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Landscapes of research: perceptions of open access (OA) publishing in the arts and humanities

It is widely known now that scholarly communication is in crisis, resting on an academic publishing model that is unsustainable. One response to this crisis has been the emergence of Open Access (OA) publishing, bringing scholarly literature out from behind a paywall and making it...
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Harvesting the academic landscape: streamlining the ingestion of professional scholarship metadata into the institutional repository

Although librarians initially hoped institutional repositories (IRs) would grow through researcher self-archiving, practice shows that growth is much more likely through library-directed deposit. Libraries must then find efficient ways to ingest material into their IR to ensure growth and relevance.
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Where are we now? Survey on rates of faculty self-deposit in institutional repositories

The literature of institutional repositories generally indicates that faculty do not self-deposit, but there is a gap in the research of reported self-deposit numbers that might indicate how widespread and common this is. This study was conducted using a survey instrument that requested information about...

Next generation repositories

The vision is to position repositories as the foundation for a distributed, globally networked infrastructure for scholarly communication, on top of which layers of value added services will be deployed, thereby transforming the system, making it more research-centric, open to and supportive of innovation, while...
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Conference on grey literature and repositories: proceedings 2015

The proceedings of the 8th year of the grey literature and repositories conference, held on 21st October 2015, in the National Library of Technology in Prague.
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Altmetrics and analytics for digital special collections and institutional repositories

Introduction This white paper describes uses for usage statistics, altmetrics, and other quantitative and qualitative impact metrics in the context of services for digital special collections (DSCs) and institutional repositories (IRs) stewarded by academic libraries.

Promoting open knowledge and open science: report of the current state of repositories

In the past few years, open access repositories and their associated services have become an important component of the global eresearch infrastructure. Increasingly, repositories are also being integrated with other systems, such as research administrative systems and with research data repositories, with the aim of...