Learning strategies

Draft report

Draft disability and learning support action plan: Engagement A3s

This draft action plan was developed with input from a range of sources, including the 2015 Learning Support Update, and the Select Committee Inquiry into Identification and Support for students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Case study

Joy and data: Creating success for every student

Education in Australia has increasingly become a highly-pressurised pursuit of success. More than ever, students are told to excel academically if they are going to succeed in life. Are we at risk of losing all joy of learning?

The paradigm shifters: entrepreneurial learning in schools

Entrepreneurial learning is an emerging way of responding to the growing need to enhance student capabilities and position students for success.
Journal article

A brief scale for measuring Anti-Intellectualism

This paper describes the development of a brief scale to measure anti-intellectualism, the degree to which one experiences either positive or negative affect while engaged in epistemic activities such as conceptual integration.

Listening needs of distance learners: a case study of EAP learners at the University of the South Pacific

This study focuses on student listening needs in the context of the English for Academic Purposes program taught by distance education at the University of the South Pacific. It explores the relationship between learners' awareness of the learning strategy they use for developing their listening...

I am bad apparently.' The role of stand-down to manage behaviour in communities of learners

This study investigates how students renegotiate their membership of the school community following being stood-down from school. In New Zealand stand-down is the least serious of the school exclusion provisions available to schools under the Education Act (1989). By sending the student home at stand-down...

Learning from trees - life lessons for future generations

This report includes research from Australia and overseas that demonstrates how the crucial skills identified can be developed through outdoor learning and nature time.
Journal article

Reconceptualising translation as intercultural mediation: a renewed place in language learning

Since the 1970s translation has been discredited in languages teaching and learning. Nevertheless, it can be seen as a natural phenomenon in many domains of contemporary, globalised life. Furthermore, learners themselves have not ceased to use translation as a strategy in the process of language...

E-learning provision, participation and performance

This report compares provision, participation, and student performance in courses delivered by e-learning methods with courses that do not use e-learning. This is analysed at a system, sub-sector, and field of study level, as well as by ethnicity, age, full-time, part-time, and extramural status.
Journal article

‘Time to ponder’: professional learning in early childhood education

A study of the professional development challenges that faced 87 preschool teachers at a time of major policy change associated with the Council of Australian Governments' (COAG) early childhood policy agenda. Early childhood teacher knowledge and professional capacity is critical to the achievement of the...