Obesity in children

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Associations between rapid weight gain in infancy and weight status among urban Aboriginal children participating in the Gudaga study

This study aims to describe the growth trajectories of Australian Aboriginal children from 0 to 9 years within an urban setting.

The burden and cost of excess body mass in Western Australian adults and children

Excess body mass causes significant personal, health care, and societal costs. This research finds that if population levels of overweight and obesity continue to climb, it is projected that the cost to the WA health system will increase by 80 per cent in the decade...
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Policies influencing the provision of healthy food and drinks in local government‐owned sport and recreation facilities in Victoria, Australia

This study assessed the policies, attitudes and practices of local governments in Victoria, Australia, relating to obesity prevention and the provision of healthy food in their sporting facilities.
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Children’s trips to school dominated by unhealthy food advertising in Sydney, Australia

This study estimates that depending on transport mode, children living in the Greater Sydney area were exposed to between 1.7 and 7.3 discretionary food advertisements per trip to school in May/June 2018.
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Aboriginal childhood overweight and obesity: the need for Aboriginal designed and led initiatives

This paper reviews available evidence on programs and policies for obesity prevention and treatment for Aboriginal children and provides recommendations for improved outcomes.
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Have your say on a national obesity strategy: consultation paper

This consultation paper outlines the proposed framework and ideas for consideration to be included in a national obesity strategy. The COAG Health Council is seeking the public's views, suggestions, ideas and feedback to shape the final strategy, including what could be done to better support...

Government response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report on energy drinks and children

This document sets out the government’s response to the conclusions and recommendations in the Science and Technology Select Committee’s report Energy drinks and children.

Energy drinks and children

This inquiry considered the effects of energy drink consumption on children in the UK, looking at legislation to restrict their sale, labelling requirements and advertising restrictions.

Weighing in: Australia's growing obesity epidemic

This report examines the current state of the obesity epidemic in Australia, where 5.8 million people are living with obesity. It explores the health and economic costs and calls for greater national action.
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Obesity prevention in children and young people: what policy actions are needed?

Overweight and obesity in childhood and adolescence are associated with adverse health consequences throughout the lifecourse. This article outlines the policy actions, governance and accountability mechanisms needed to tackle the global epidemic of childhood obesity.