Group identity

Journal article

Islam in Australia: a national survey of Muslim Australian citizens and permanent residents

Based on responses of 1034 Muslim Australian citizens and permanent residents, this article provides understanding about Australian Muslims' attitudes to principles of equality, human rights, social cohesion, social justice and more.

Excellent Me! Investigating Scholastic Identities and Learning within Discourses of Excellence

Many schools define their educational vision in terms of excellence in achievement for all. This research presents a picture of how one school engages with the discourse of 'excellence for all' to produce localised interpretations and discursive constructs of successful learners and successful learning.

The routes of roots reggae in Aotearoa/New Zealand: the musical construction of place and identity

This thesis explores the routes of roots reggae by looking at how New Zealand musicians and consumers have used this globally disseminated and commodified cultural product to locate themselves in various geographical places and cultural spaces. Chapter two examines how New Zealand roots reggae consumers...

Sauerkraut and Salt Water: The German-Tongan Diaspora Since 1932

This is a study of individuals of German-Tongan descent living around the world. Taking as its starting point the period where Germans in Tonga (2014) left off, it examines the family histories, self-conceptions of identity, and connectedness to Germany of twenty-seven individuals living in New...

Immigration and national identity in 1970s New Zealand

This thesis is an attempt to understand the evolution of national identity in New Zealand through an examination of New Zealanders' evolving attitudes to immigrants and immigration. It begins with the premise that through selecting whom to admit to New Zealand as immigrants and become...

An analytical perspective on Moana research and the case of Tongan faiva

This thesis adopts an analytical approach to Moana research from a “Pacific Studies” perspective, focusing as it does on Moana languages and Moana indigenous knowledge. From this perspective it analyses and discusses the imposition of Western paradigms in Moana research and in Moana language, both...

SNS (Social Networking Samoans): Exploring the ethnic identities of Samoan Facebook users in New Zealand

As digital media pervades the institutions and infrastructures of contemporary society with new inventions, new applications and new devices, so too does it pervade daily lived experiences. The social networking site is one such application which is highly integrated into the daily habits of...

Pacific Psychometrics: Development, validation and application of the Pacific Identity and Wellbeing Scale

The Pacific Identity and Wellbeing Scale (PIWBS: Manuela & Sibley, 2013) is a culturally appropriate, self-report measure for Pacific peoples in New Zealand. It is an integration of Western psychological theory and indigenous, Pacific concepts of the self, ethnic identity and wellbeing. In this thesis...

Nigel Brown and New Zealand National Identity

New Zealand national identity has dominated the art of Nigel Brown, emerging in various guises throughout his career. This thesis examines his work from his school drawings through to his development into a mature, established and significant artist. The introduction reflects the role of New...

Culturally Responsive Leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand Secondary Schools

At the heart of leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand schools is a focus on how everyone can work together to improve educational and social outcomes for all young people (Ministry of Education, 2008). To actualise this intention, educators face a number of challenges including an...