The collection of resources relating to Muslims and interfaith dialogue in Australia and beyond was supported by the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education and International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding (MnM) based at the University of South Australia from August 2015 to August...

Supporting Muslim families and children in dealing with Islamophobia

This paper provides insights into the challenges confronting parents and their children who experience Islamophobia in Australia, highlighting that countering Islamophobia, discrimination and bigotry continues to be urgent and essential for the mental welfare of Muslim families and the wellbeing of society.
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Islam in Australia: a national survey of Muslim Australian citizens and permanent residents

Based on responses of 1034 Muslim Australian citizens and permanent residents, this article provides understanding about Australian Muslims' attitudes to principles of equality, human rights, social cohesion, social justice and more.
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Fact Check: Are more than half of Australia's working-age Muslims not in the workforce?

Independent Senator Fraser Anning argues free welfare and public housing attracts migrants in "search of a free ride at everyone else's expense", claiming that 56 per cent of Australia's working-age Muslims are not in the labour force.
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Fact Check: Are Muslims in NSW and Victoria three times more likely than other groups to be convicted of crimes?

In his headline-grabbing first speech to parliament, Katter's Australian Party senator Fraser Anning railed against Muslim immigration, and claimed Muslims in Australia were "vastly" overrepresented in crime rates.
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Fact Check: Are a majority of working-age Australian Muslims not working and living on welfare?

In his first speech to Parliament, Senator Fraser Anning, a member of Katter's Australian Party, made a number of disputed claims including that "a majority of Muslims in Australia of working age do not work and live on welfare".
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Uyghurs for sale

China has attracted international condemnation for its network of extrajudicial ‘re-education camps’ in Xinjiang. This report exposes a new phase in China’s social re-engineering campaign targeting minority citizens, revealing new evidence that some factories across China are using forced Uyghur labour under a state-sponsored labour...

The essential report

This survey discusses a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia. Methodology, margin of error and professional standards The data gathered for this report is gathered from a weekly online omnibus conducted by Your Source. Essential Research has been utilizing the Your Source online panel to...
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What are Melbournian’s perceptions of urban spaces with Islamic thoughts - from public to private?

Melbourne is a modern secular society with a high population of migrants, where a range of approaches exists in making urban public spaces. Yet, distinctive structures, design elements and dedicated areas representing the ethno-religious diversity that characterises the city are less common and even scarce...

"My world is finished" Rohingya targeted in crimes against humanity in Myanmar

This report describes how Myanmar’s security forces are carrying out a systematic, organised and ruthless campaign of violence against the Rohingya population as a whole in northern Rakhine State.