Cultural awareness

Alternate Term Label:
Culture awareness
Cultural sensitivity

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing services plan 2018–2023

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing Services Plan 2018-2023 presents a targeted and specific approach to Children’s Health Queensland’s five key health service directions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Conference paper

Culture specific words as a barrier in cross-cultural communication in construction business

This research is an examination of the 'word' as a cultural unit in cross-cultural communication in the construction business.The results are presented in the form of analysis of the linguistic data and cultural phenomena, which take place in cross-cultural communication.
Briefing paper

Addressing racism to improve healthcare outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: a case study in kidney care

Action is urgently needed to address the immense health disparities in kidney disease outcomes suffered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who have at least six times the age-standardised incidence of end-stage kidney disease requiring treatment as non-Indigenous Australians.

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations in practice

This resource was developed to share the findings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led research undertaken during 2014–2019. The aim of the resource is to showcase the work of Aboriginal community controlled health organisations (ACCHOs) in practice in order to strengthen the ACCHO sector...

The National Scheme’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Cultural Safety Strategy 2020-2025

This strategy aims to produce consistency and quality improvement in matters of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and cultural safety across the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

Makin’ Tracks (2004 – 2007) summary evaluation

The evaluation strategy for the project was developed by ADAC staff members in consultation with staff from NDRI when the original project proposal was prepared.

2018 Evaluation of the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council’s Makin’ Tracks program

This report documents the findings from the 2018 evaluation of the Makin’ Tracks project, operated by Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (ADAC).

Aboriginal cultural engagement self-assessment tool

The NSW Health Services Aboriginal Cultural Engagement Self-Assessment Tool (the engagement tool) aims to identify ways of strengthening cultural engagement between NSW Health organisation staff and their Aboriginal stakeholders by bringing a continuous quality improvement cycle to cultural engagement.

Aboriginal cultural activities policy

The Aboriginal Cultural Activities Policy provides information and guidance to support NSW Health facilities and its staff in understanding, organising and engaging in Aboriginal cultural activities.