Yes, we need to Close the Gap on health. But many patients won’t tell hospitals they’re Indigenous for fear of poorer care

There is an increase of Indigenous patients not revealing their respective cultural identities when receiving healthcare, this article explores the needs for further investigation into why this is occurring.
Working paper

Evaluation of the Speak Out Against Racism (SOAR) program pilot

The Speak Out Against Racism (SOAR) project is a major research study focused on understanding and addressing experiences and attitudes to racism and racial discrimination, and bystander responses to racism and racial discrimination in Australian schools.

Time for corporate standards to outlaw racism

Racism and climate change are already hitting black communities disproportionately hard, all over the world. They will also be hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic turmoil that will follow. Organisations can play a vital role in supporting change, to generate a level...
Working paper

Findings from the 2017 Speak Out Against Racism (SOAR) student and staff surveys

The Speak Out Against Racism (SOAR) project is a collaborative school-based study on racism, racial discrimination and bystander responses to racism among Australian schools.

Universities always said we were racists, now look at their dilemma

Our universities have long ceased being institutions interested in the rigorous exercise of freedom or the scientific method and today better resemble elaborate public relations outfits, writes Bella d'Abrera.
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Fact Check: Is it a crime to offend someone under the Racial Discrimination Act?

Alan Tudge, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, claims that under the Racial Discrimination Act, offensive language can be considered a crime.
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Fact Check: Attorney-General George Brandis ill-informed on people's 'right to be bigots'

Attorney-General George Brandis claims people have a right to be bigots and to say things that other people find offensive.

Hate-free philanthropy: identifying opportunities and obstacles to safeguard the sector

Hate groups have been exploiting the tax code to raise money through philanthropic organisations, particularly by using Donor-Advised Funds that allow donors to fund hate while gaining a tax advantage and remaining anonymous. This report summarises a convening held to begin addressing the problem.

Online hate and offline harm

This paper looks at the evidence as to the role online hate plays in spreading racist thinking and actions offline, including hate and terror crimes. It explores the evidence for whether harmful action online has increased both harmful ideas and actual harm against minority ethnic...

The essential report

This survey discusses a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia. Methodology, margin of error and professional standards The data gathered for this report is gathered from a weekly online omnibus conducted by Your Source. Essential Research has been utilizing the Your Source online panel to...