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Democratic process
Policy report

Burnt by the digital sun

This report explores how liberal democracies are grappling with addressing threats in the information environment. In addition, it surveys how information operations are influencing modern, great power competition by generating civil discord and friction.
Discussion paper

Utilities for democracy: why and how the algorithmic infrastructure of Facebook and Google must be regulated

This paper provides a framework for understanding why internet platforms matter for democracy and how they should be regulated. The authors describe the two most powerful internet platforms, Facebook and Google, as new public utilities — utilities for democracy — arguing that they should be...

A force for good in the world: placing democratic values at the heart of the UK’s international strategy

As the United Kingdom looks outward as post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’, the world is facing both rising authoritarianism and democratic decline. This policy paper argues that the UK should issue a new integrated cross-Whitehall strategy to defend established democracies and institutions, support emerging or struggling democracies...

Countering China’s influence activities: lessons from Australia

This report is the Australia case study of an ambitious year-long CSIS initiative to analyse China’s influence activities in Australia and Japan, and Russian influence activities in the United Kingdom and Germany.
Discussion paper

Whitlam, the arts and democracy

This paper examines the impact of Whitlam Government era (1973-75) arts and culture policies on Australian culture, institutions and identity.
Policy report

Protecting democracy during COVID-19

This brief policy paper distils the thoughts of several experts and presents five key indicators of democratic health during COVID-19.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Was Hong Kong ever promised democracy?

Martin Lee, a lawyer who helped draft Hong Kong's constitution, claims the people of Hong Kong were promised democracy.

The battle for another world

The far right is increasingly active globally—at the level of governments, through civil society, and in the digital sphere. According to the 80 academics, researchers, and activists interviewed in this report, this threat to democracy and internationalism is urgent.
Literature review

Literature review on elections, political campaigns and democracy

This literature review looks at how scholars have theorised the influence of digital technology on democracy. The report summarises scholarly texts on a few key topics including: political communication theory in a digital age, surveillance and privacy, algorithms and bias, the attention economy and historical...

How does Australia compare: what makes a leading democracy?

This report compares Australia’s democracy with other nations over four issues: trust, concern about corruption, strength of democratic standards and the depth of liberal values.